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  • Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionShell Material#PriceNotes Location
    Cumberland Granulator /Cutter; size: 14 x 16Cumberland Granulator /Cutter; size: 14 x 16
    Available: CUMBERLAND Cutter
    Size: 14 x 16
    Serial# 21402-661
    1 F*Washington, WV
    189939 Unused Column and Chimney trays from Koch Glisch1 24,000.00 F*N*R*Richmond, Virginia
    189328 Unused Gala Model 8 Agglomerate Catcher1 9,000.00 N*Kinston, North Carolina
    Unused Keller 3 Way Polymer Jacketed Valves ( 2 each)1 55,000.00 F*N*Richmond, Virginia
    189326 Unused Maag Thermorex TR110-M gear Pump1 60,000.00 F*N*Kinston, North Carolina
    189936 Unused Mitternight Finisher with elbow1 580,000.00 F*N*Richmond, Virginia
    189940 Unused Mitternight Polymerizer line1 470,000.00 F*N*Richmond, Virginia
    Unused Schuf 3 Way Ram Diverter Valves ( 4 each)1 128,000.00 F*N*Richmond, Virginia
    189327 Unused Schuf 4 way diverter valve1 115,000.00 N*Kinston, North Carolina

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