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Other Transportation Vehicles

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  • Item IDYr MadeItem DescriptionMileageDoorsPassengersBody StyleCondition#PriceNote Location
    »km  mi$
    18024419981998 International Box Truck Good1 Houston, TX
    1770851989Brenner Bulk TankerFair18,000.00 F*R*Allentown, PA
    1802471987Chevrolet Poor1 Houston, TX
    1802421993Chevrolet Good1 Houston, TX
    1799801969Dairy Equipment Comp Poor1 Houston, TX
    1799821969Dairy Equipment Comp Poor1 Houston, TX
    1799831969Dairy Equipment Comp Poor1 Houston, TX
    1799811969Dairy Equipment Comp 45.1021 Houston, TX
    1802461996Dodge Poor1 Houston, TX
    180018Gindy C140AV9Poor1 Houston, TX
    180019Gindy C140AV9 Poor1 F*Houston, TX
    1800151983Heil Good1 Houston, TX
    1800161983Heil Good1 F*Houston, TX
    1802431993International Good1 Houston, TX
    181141John Deere 316Poor1 Houston, TX
    1821261967Manitowoc 3900W Vicon Good1 N*Houston, TX
    1800171996Pratt DC/432SVery Good1 F*Houston, TX
    180036Trailer Jacks Model #2W877GGood24 F*Houston, TX
    179743Walker aluminum tanker1 F*Allentown, PA
    1797441993Walker aluminum tankerPoor1 Ft Dodge, IA

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Transportation Vehicles:
    Brenner, Chevrolet, Dairy Equipment Compaqny, Dodge, Gindy, Heil, International, John Deere, Manitowoc, Pratt, Taylor Dunn, Walker