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  • Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionPower RequirementsConditionYr Made#PriceNote Location
    18170718 Used Pipeline Valves - Mont Belvieu, TX SED 15228 BID DUE 2-4-161 Lot of 18 used pipeline valves18 N*Houston, TX
    17941118,900 LBS OF WELDING RODS (TORRANCE, CA) IRG-15-172 BID DUE 02-09-20161 Houston, TX
    4 Ea. Fabricated Caged Ladders for Production Skids - 33'-6" (BID DUE 2-9-16) Fabricated Caged Ladders for Production Skids -...4 N*Houston, TX
    1819914 Qty Used UPS's (TORRANCE, CA)IRG-15-205 BID DUE 02-09-2016 1 N*Houston, TX
    181652400 Used Turtle Cases - Malaysia400 F*N*Houston, TX
    181780Air Heater - IRG-15-241 - SED 15199 - February 4, 2016Tioga Air Heater2 N*Houston, TX
    105231Airtek TW-130Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer1151 Phase12,200.00 F*Scotia, NY
    182197Allis Chalmers Fair1 N*Houston, TX
    158833Autoclave Engineers NB196Bolted Closure Pressure Vessel,2 Liter200717,500.00 Scotia, NY
    156269Avery 3205-COEPortable Platform ScaleGood198113,756.87 F*Regensburg, Bavaria
    180674BUCKINGHAM H.D. Modular Transporter Dollies
    -45 Ton Capacity Dollies with remote pendant operation
    -Power Dollies (2 each), Coaster Dollies (2 each)
    -Includes hold down clamps, extension legs, an...
    4 New Orleans, LA
    180669Bug-O Speed Weaver Bug-O Speed Weaver
    -Bug-O Speed Weaver
    -Speed Weaver II
    -Aquisition Cost: $5727.78
    -Net Book Value: $3896.24
    -Used for semi-automated welding

    3 New Orleans, LA
    -Vertical Bandsaw wired for 230 or 460 volt power
    -Model# V2012F
    -Acquisition Cost: $10,887.25 each
    -Net Book Value: $7,408.79 each
    1 New Orleans, LA
    119626Despatch Equipment CabinetEquipment Rack--Heavy Duty11,200.00 Scotia, NY
    DoAll C-912AMETAL CUTTING BAND SAW1 San Antonio, TX
    138226EQUIPMENT CABINETEquipment Cabinet 19" X 19"1151 Phase1175.00 Scotia, NY
    151837EQUIPMENT CABINETEquipment Cabinet 19" X 58"1 Scotia, NY
    151838EQUIPMENT CABINETEquipment Cabinet 19" X 58"1 Scotia, NY
    176913Flint Steel NB#52543Good116,000.00 Maricopa, CA
    179796GE Pavilion Transformer Good1 F*wilmington, DE
    Guyson SP-9/SP-80Guyson SP-9/SP-80 Robotic Peening Systems4803 PhaseVery Good20101 San Antonio, TX
    180112Hall Tank Co. AH-16New-Never Used19911 Houston, TX
    180672Harbach-Gandt 3M x 3M Fixturing TableModular Fixturing Table
    -Modular Fixturing table
    --Model#: 3M x 3M Fixturing Table
    -Includes hold down clamps, extension legs, and numerous accessories
    New Orleans, LA
    180670Harmsco HUR 3 X 170 FLModular High Flow Water Filter
    -Bug-O Speed Weaver
    -Industrial Filtration Skid
    -Model#: HUR 3 X 170 FL
    -rated for 450 GPM flow rates up to 150 PSI; comes with spare set of filters...
    1 New Orleans, LA
    177612Hitzinger DDUPS component –Kinetic Energy Module (Choke/KIN)Poor200513 Regensburg, Bavaria
    180111Illinois Blower 542HPBC164603 PhaseLike New15,000.00 F*Houston, TX
    140546Insidix Excellent20081 Regensburg, Bavaria
    181142IPM Good1 Houston, TX
    179984Jet Boat FL-110-26-0031 Houston, TX
    100326Kammer 085048Stainless Steel Valve12,450.00 F*Scotia, NY
    100327Kammer 085048Stainless Steel Valve12,400.00 Scotia, NY
    164860Klinkau Good1 F*WILMINGTON, DE
    180678Lincoln Sub-Arc Weld Power Supplies
    -Submerged Arc welding power supplies
    -AC/DC Powerwave 1000
    -Acquisition: $37873.72 ea.
    -Net Book Value: $26520 ea.
    4 New Orleans, LA
    180679Lincoln Complete Sub Arc Weld System
    -Complete Submerged Arc Welding System
    -AC/DC Powerwave 1000 complete with accessories
    -includes wire feeders and controls
    -Acquisition: $93159.57 ea....
    1 New Orleans, LA
    180487lot of used Hayworth office furnitureGood1 MEMPHIS, TN
    182206Manlift & Winch Truck - IRG-15-121 Beaumont, TX Bid Closes February 24, 20162 N*Houston, TX
    Mercer Technologies, GVFL9660-2MTECH Vacuum FurnaceExcellent1 San Antonio, TX
    Micro Control Co. Abes IVBurn-in Oven to test both VLSI and memory devicesFair20001 Burlington, VT
    Micro Control Co. Micro Control Co., Abes III (10X)Micro Control Co., Abes III (10X), Burn-in Oven19921 Burlington, VT
    Micro Control Co. WRP64WRP64, Burn-in Oven to test both VLSI and memor...Fair19991 Burlington, VT
    182196Ohmstede Poor19951 N*Houston, TX
    175948PermaLine Alignment Device without Mounting BracketsGood19921 Wilmington, DE
    182204Plastic Mart 2000 Gal HDPE Tank UNUSED. W 90" x H 79 1/2". Good1 N*Houston, TX
    166304Positech LA-3030Ergonomic Lift Assist - LodeArm 303020091 F*Scotia, NY
    4517Professional Instrum 3RAir Bearing Spindle w/EncoderVery Good152,100.00 Scotia, NY
    181254Progressive Machine Good1 F*Houston, TX
    100335Pure-Flo FVX-1261-67AStainless Steel Valve11,500.00 Scotia, NY
    100338Pure-Flo DV5WDivert Valve Five Way13,500.00 F*Scotia, NY
    100334Pure-Flo FVX-1151-67BStainless Steel Valve11,500.00 Scotia, NY
    100328Pure-Flo FVX-1252-6Zero Static Block Body Tee11,050.00 Scotia, NY
    180598Red Rock FIT30-TC-XA-2300H.D. Height Adjusting Rollers
    -Hydraulicly actuated Idler Rollers for barrel fit up to adjacent cylinders
    -Model# FIT30-TC-XA-2300
    -15 MT capacity, r...
    2 New Orleans, LA
    180591Red Rock MV60602 New Orleans, LA
    180599Red Rock PWPP125-250-27H.D. Powered Cylinder Roller
    -Powered Turning Roller for rolling large cylinders for welding or other applications, rail mounted
    -Model# PWPP125-250-27
    1 New Orleans, LA
    180589Red Rock RWIP-80-2700H.D. Idler rollers8 New Orleans, LA
    180590Red Rock RWIP40-31-FMH.D. Powered Roller4 New Orleans, LA
    180588Red Rock RWPP-150-250-3100H.D. Powered Roller3 New Orleans, LA
    180600Red Rock RWPP10-15-20-FM-NEPower Turning Roller
    -Powered Turning Roller for welding or positioning cylinders
    -Model# RWPP10-15-20-FM-NE
    -Acquisition Cost: $64,750.95 each
    2 New Orleans, LA
    181145Reliance electric Good1 Houston, TX
    138128Rittal 1807Equipment Enclosure1151 Phase1650.00 Scotia, NY
    176912Roy E Hanson Mfg. L000649-69Good2005116,000.00 Maricopa, CA
    180675Safway Industrial Scaffolding
    -Access Scaffolding
    -industrial scaffolding equipment
    -scaffolding equipment for One ea. 7' wide x 13' long x 15'6" high Rolling Stairtower with attached 3' wide...
    1 New Orleans, LA
    2147Seiko TT8450SCARA Robot200-2407.01 PhaseExcellent19971 Scotia, NY
    173556Surplus Piping MaterialsSurplus Piping Materials
    Piping Materials including titanium & Alloy 600 items:
    Partial listing includes:
    1 Pass Christian, MS
    178881Surplus railSurplus rail

    Total = 2640 ft. of 90# rail. 

    Weight calculated to be: 79,200 lbs.

    1 Richmond, VA
    Suss Microtec HVMMFTAutomatic Injection Molded Solder Mold Filling ...1 N*East Fishkill, New York
    3279Thoreson Mc Cosh TD12Dryer, Plastic Pellet4607.23 Phase198913,500.00 Scotia, NY
    180030Titanium Limited Heat ExchangerDrawings available upon requestNew-Never Used2009175,000.00 F*Houston, TX
    180979TRANSFORMERH/T.SWITCH.&TRANSFORMERFair19952 N*Regensburg, BY
    178895Transformer 2000KVA 11KVTransformer 2000KVA 11KVFair1993130,034.76 Regensburg, Bavaria
    182205Unused Fittings, Flanges, Elbows Pipe w/ MTRs IRG-16-036 Bid Closes 2/11/161 N*Houston, TX
    181751USED 2005 4WD Ford Expedition XLT (Spring, TX) IRG-13-195CG Bid Closes 2/9/20161 N*Houston, TX
    180508Used Deimco Automated Paint Booth with load/unload systemGood20082 Johnston, IA
    180505Used Deimco Paint BoothVery Good1 Johnston, IA
    162037VA Technologies DD SeriesRainfall Sander4803 Phase1 Scotia, NY
    180251weil-mclain Ultra 310Weil-McLain Ultra 310 Gas Boiler 93% efficient11012.01 PhaseFair20061 ST. JOSEPH, MO
    180676Weld Engineering Sub-Arc Flux Hopper
    -Heated Flux Hopper system
    -Flux delivery system used in concert with the submerged arc welding process
    -Acquisition: $26435.93
    -Net Book Value: $18505
    1 New Orleans, LA
    180677Weld Engineering Sub-Arc Flux Hopper
    -Submerged Arc Welding Flux Hoppe
    -Flux delivery system used in concert with the submerged arc welding process
    -Acquisition: $26435.93 ea.
    -Net Book Value: $18...
    2 New Orleans, LA
    4044Wilkerson H01AH000Dryer, Compressed Air1154.01 PhaseVery Good1225.00 Scotia, NY
    181132Yale Good1 Houston, TX
    181178Yale Very Good1 Houston, TX
    181134Yale Good20081 Houston, TX
    182198Yale Fair1 N*Houston, TX
    181133Yale Air Motor Trolley Good20091 Houston, TX

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Items and Mixed Lots:
    Airtek, Allis Chalmers , Autoclave Engineers, Avery, BUCKINGHAM, CLAUSING KALAMAZOO, Despatch, DoAll, Flint Steel , Guyson, Hall Tank Co. , Harbach-Gandt, Harmsco, Illinois Blower, Insidix, IPM, Jet Boat, Kammer , Klinkau, Lincoln, Mercer Technologies, Inc., Micro Control Co., Ohmstede, Positech, Professional Instrument Co., Progressive Machine , Pure-Flo, Red Rock, Reliance electric, Rittal, Roy E Hanson Mfg., Safway, Seiko, Suss Microtec, Thoreson Mc Cosh, Titanium Limited, VA Technologies, weil-mclain, Weld Engineering, Wilkerson, Yale