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    Item IDItem DescriptionDescriptionPower RequirementsConditionYr Made#PriceNote Location
    185863(25) Dresser Seal Couplings Style 38 8.625”Excellent25 N*Houston, TX
    1825961 Mesabi Heat Exchanger Radiator (Houston, TX.) Bid ends 07/29/2016 4pm CST. New-Never Used1  Spring, TX
    1826141 Sandking Camblet 24" Conveyor Belt (Houston, TX) Bid Ends 07/29/2016 4pm CST.New-Never Used1  Spring, TX
    18635211 Lots Of Misc. Material & Equipment - IRG-16-215 - Bid Closes 8/9/1611lot N*Houston, TX
    1862372 Qty Knock Out Drums (Baytown, TX) IRG-16-213 Bid closes 7/26/20161 N*Houston, TX
    1839032 qty. Westinghouse Motors (Beaumont , Tx) IRG-15-129-B Bid closes 8/3/20161 Houston, TX
    1845912 Vickers Hydraulic Motors (Houston, TX) Bid Ends 07/29/2016 4pm CST.New-Never Used1  Spring, TX
    1857972-Lightnin Series 10 Agitator with Siemens 15 hp electric motorExcellent2 F*N*Houston, TX
    18258820 Chelsea PTOS (Houston, TX.) Bid ends 07/29/2016 4pm CST. New-Never Used1  Spring, TX
    18578520,000 FT of Used Super Duplex Control Line - IRG-16-113 - Bid Closes 7/19/20161lot F*N*Houston, TX
    1856592007 BMW 760i High Security (Armored/Bullet Proof) IRG-16-1831 F*N*Houston, TX
    184621210 Used Ergonomic Chairs Argentina IRG-16-1261 Houston, TX
    1845684 Motors Hydraulic Nichols Gray (Houston, TX) Bid Ends 07/29/2016 4pm CST.New-Never Used1  Spring, TX
    181652400 Used Turtle Cases - Malaysia400 Houston, TX
    1839675,500 Cubit Foot Silo2 Houston, TX
    186386600 Surplus/Used Pallets (minimum bid $600)600 N*Houston, TX
    105231Airtek TW-130Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer1151 Phase12,200.00 F*Scotia, NY
    Akrion UP V2 MP.2000Etch Solvent Sink20001 Singapore, Singapore
    182603Aladin 8420stationary hot water washer240/4803 PhaseGood20101 F*El Paso, IL
    183111Amarillo Right Angle fan DriveLocated in Freeport, TX Excellent1 Houston, TX
    158833Autoclave Engineers NB196Bolted Closure Pressure Vessel,2 Liter200717,500.00 Scotia, NY
    Autoclean ISG-2000Ultrasonic Cleaner1 Santa Clara, CA
    156269Avery 3205-COEPortable Platform ScaleGood198113,756.87 F*Regensburg, Bavaria
    185778Aviation equipment: Tire cage and aircraft jacksLocated in Midland MI1 F*N*Houston, TX
    183187Brunel JSE2-0241MAEAD Extruder Clutches (1 new, 1 rebuilt)Located in Freeport, TX Excellent2 Houston, TX
    185867Building Construction & Safety Items - UNUSED - IRG-16-177 - Close 7/28/161lot N*Houston, TX
    185872Chain Link Fencing - IRG-16-189 - Bid Close 7/28/161lot N*Houston, TX
    184477Change O' Matic Lockers15,500.00 F*Crete, NE
    Control Air D-9-L-SM-UM-MOD 184D-9-L-SM-UM LIFT,MODEL#184 TEST PSI.=100 PSI,DE...20131 Burlington, VT
    184511Control Screening Dynavision 6401 Wilmington, DE
    175085Custom Kitchen Service Station - Scotsman SS Ice and Water StationVery Good1 wilmington, DE
    175084DelField SS Custom Kitchen Service Station - Buffet Multi StationFair1 wilmington, DE
    175089DelField SS Custom Kitchen Service Station - Buffet Serving StationGood1 wilmington, DE
    175090DelField SS Custom Kitchen Service Station - Counter w/Cooling UnitsGood1 wilmington, DE
    175074DelField SS Custom Kitchen Service Station - Counter w/RefridgeGood1 wilmington, DE
    175088DelField SS Custom Kitchen Service Station - Soup Steamer AreaGood1 wilmington, DE
    175114DelField SS Custom Kitchen Service Station - Table Top w/5 CabinetsGood1 wilmington, DE
    175082DelField SS Custom Kitchen Service Station - Wash Unit w/Triple SinkGood1 wilmington, DE
    175072DelField SS Custom Kitchen Service Station -Table Top Unit w/SinkGood1 wilmington, DE
    175086DelField SS Custom Kitchen Service Station -TT Refrigeration Unit Good1 wilmington, DE
    175087DelField SS Custom Kitchen Service Station ShelfVery Good1 wilmington, DE
    175070DelField SS Custom Kitchen Service Station ShelvesVery Good2 wilmington, DE
    119626Despatch Equipment CabinetEquipment Rack--Heavy Duty11,200.00 Scotia, NY
    184483Double Cylindrical Coil1 Houston, TX
    184482Dry Fluid Cooler (AC Cooler)Fluid Cooler1 Houston, TX
    184130EPI04 Veeco k465iGood01 F*Regensburg, BY
    138226EQUIPMENT CABINETEquipment Cabinet 19" X 19"1151 Phase1175.00 Scotia, NY
    151837EQUIPMENT CABINETEquipment Cabinet 19" X 58"1 Scotia, NY
    151838EQUIPMENT CABINETEquipment Cabinet 19" X 58"1 Scotia, NY
    183977Exercise Bikes12 Houston, TX
    185319Fittings, Sm Valves, CS Line Pipe UNUSED - IRG-16-175 Close 7/21/161lot Houston, TX
    186291Fumex FA1-MMini Dust Collector - 165 CFM1206.01 Phase1650.00 N*Scotia, NY
    179796GE Pavilion Transformer Good1 wilmington, DE
    180112Hall Tank Co. AH-16New-Never Used19911 Houston, TX
    186241Helipad Lights - IRG-16-205 - Bid Close 8/2/161lot N*Houston, TX
    177612Hitzinger DDUPS component –Kinetic Energy Module (Choke/KIN)Poor200513 Regensburg, Bavaria
    180111Illinois Blower 542HPBC164603 PhaseLike New15,000.00 Houston, TX
    140546Insidix Excellent20081 Regensburg, Bavaria
    186242Insulation - IRG-16-208 - Bid Closes 8/2/161lot N*Houston, TX
    Invensys PowerWare 9315-80UPS, 80kVA/64kW, 480 VAC input / 480 VAC three...20041 Burlington, VT
    186269Kalamazoo Saw with blade welder- Model V36F – S/N200102Good1 N*Houston, TX
    100326Kammer 085048Stainless Steel Valve12,450.00 F*Scotia, NY
    100327Kammer 085048Stainless Steel Valve12,400.00 Scotia, NY
    164860Klinkau Good1 F*WILMINGTON, DE
    185315Line Pipe OD 1-1/2” to 12” Mixed Metallurgy – NEW - IRG-16-171 Close 7/21/16Line Pipe OD 1-1/2” to 12” Mixed Metallurgy – NEW - IRG-16-171 Close 7/21/16


    Sold as 1 Lot

    1lot F*Houston, TX
    Micro Control Co. Abes IVBurn-in Oven to test both VLSI and memory devicesFair20001 Burlington, VT
    Micro Control Co. Micro Control Co., Abes III (10X)Micro Control Co., Abes III (10X), Burn-in Oven19921 Burlington, VT
    Micro Control Co. WRP64WRP64, Burn-in Oven to test both VLSI and memor...Fair19991 Burlington, VT
    186243Misc. Warehouse Material - IRG-16-209 - Bid Closes 8/2/161lot N*Houston, TX
    MKS Instruments AX8559 ASTeX GeneratorOzone Generator, AX855020111 Malta, New York
    MKS Instruments Liquozone PrimO3Ozone Generator20141 Malta, New York
    185837Mobile Mini Mobile MiniLabFair2005115,000.00 F*N*Oklahoma City, OK
    182196Ohmstede Heat Exchanger Poor19951 F*Houston, TX
    184773Orbis FP151Totes -- Stack-N-Nest Very Good200012.00 F*N*Scotia, NY
    185614Parker SCJN-100-01Pressure Gauge - Hydraulic 1300.00 F*N*Scotia, NY
    Philips Elmet 75H0883 Moly Sinter Plate7.5 x 7.5 x 0.125 inch, 2 lb, with Aluminum oxi...1 East Fishkill, New York
    Pillar UNIBLOCK CLASSIC 500 KVA UPSUniversal Power SupplyGood19881 Burlington, VT
    185854Pipe and Fittings - Mixed Metallurgy. UNUSED - IRG-16-181 Close 7/26/161 N*Houston, TX
    182204Plastic Mart 2000 Gal HDPE Tank UNUSED. W 90" x H 79 1/2". Located in Freeport, TX Good1 F*Houston, TX
    166304Positech LA-3030Ergonomic Lift Assist - LodeArm 303020091 F*Scotia, NY
    4517Professional Instrum 3RAir Bearing Spindle w/EncoderVery Good15 Scotia, NY
    181254Progressive Machine Winding Machine Good1 Houston, TX
    100335Pure-Flo FVX-1261-67AStainless Steel Valve11,500.00 Scotia, NY
    100338Pure-Flo DV5WDivert Valve Five Way1 Scotia, NY
    100334Pure-Flo FVX-1151-67BStainless Steel Valve11,500.00 Scotia, NY
    100328Pure-Flo FVX-1252-6Zero Static Block Body Tee1 Scotia, NY
    138128Rittal 1807Equipment Enclosure1151 Phase1650.00 Scotia, NY
    185799Royson Engineering C 5-CDT-ISCOB Dryer--Heated-- Five Cubic Feet Capacity46020.03 PhaseLike New20141 N*Scotia, NY
    182870Secor Fittings (24”/90 deg/45 deg/10 deg) more pics available on request Located in Freeport, TX Excellent17 Houston, TX
    2147Seiko TT8450SCARA Robot200-2407.01 PhaseExcellent19971 Scotia, NY
    185890Snow Blower, Sander, Hopper, & Tires - IRG-16-191 - Closes 7/28/163lot N*Houston, TX
    Sonicar TS-12047HCBest Chemical Ultrasonic Degreaser1 Singapore, Singapore
    173556Surplus Piping MaterialsSurplus Piping Materials
    Piping Materials including titanium & Alloy 600 items:
    Partial listing includes:
    1 Pass Christian, MS
    178881Surplus railSurplus rail

    Total = 2640 ft. of 90# rail. 

    Weight calculated to be: 79,200 lbs.

    1 Richmond, VA
    185868Surplus System Telecom Equipment - UNUSED - IRG-16-174 Close 7/27/161lot N*Houston, TX
    Suss Microtec HVMMFTAutomatic Injection Molded Solder Mold Filling ...1 East Fishkill, New York
    Suss Microtec HVMMFT, Mold Fill Tool, 300mm, C4, automated injection molded solder mold filling ...1 Fishkill, New York
    185801TEMPLATE USED Vessel Pipe Racks - IRG-16-148 - Bid Closes 7/26/20161lot N*Houston, TX
    3279Thoreson Mc Cosh TD12Dryer, Plastic Pellet4607.23 Phase19891 Scotia, NY
    180979TRANSFORMERH/T.SWITCH.&TRANSFORMERFair19952 Regensburg, BY
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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Items and Mixed Lots:
    Airtek, Akrion, Aladin, Autoclave Engineers, Autoclean, Avery, Control Air, Despatch, Fumex, Hall Tank Co. , Illinois Blower, Insidix, Invensys, Kammer , Klinkau, Micro Control Co., MKS Instruments, Inc., Mobile Mini, Ohmstede, Orbis, Parker, Philips Elmet, Pillar, Positech, Professional Instrument Co., Progressive Machine , Pure-Flo, Rittal, Royson Engineering Co., Seiko, Sonicar, Suss Microtec, Thoreson Mc Cosh, VA Technologies, Vibra Finish Co., weil-mclain, Wilkerson