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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionDescription#PriceNotes Location
184931 2007 Autosampler -- AVS Pro II 1 F* Hopewell, VA
193385 3 Centrifuges 1 F* Midland, Michigan
183162 Acton Research Corpo CAMS 507Spectrophotometer -- DUV 1 F* Scotia, NY
180261 Alloy Products Corp. Anaerobic Culture Vessels 1 Wilmington, DE
192588 Asymtek S-800Adhesive Dispense System 1 F* Malta, New York
1783 Bacharach Inc 22-7009Serdex Hygrothermograph 1 1,400.00 Scotia, NY
148138 Beckman 508 1 Mount Holly, New Jersey
196448 Biological Safety Cabinet, 6’, Class II, Type A2 1 N* Wilmington, Delaware
180621 BioRad Chef Mapper 1 Wilmington, DE
180963 BioRad Variable Speed Pump 1 Wilmington, DE
180966 BioRada Cooling Module 1 Wilmington, DE
181816 Blue M DCC-1406CYOven 1 Singapore,
196206 Blue M DCC-206-EV-ST350Resist Bake Oven 1 Santa Clara, California
183762 Blue M DDC-206CY 1 Singapore,
192687 Blue M LO-90-PAtmospheric oven capable of 260°C 120V 1500W 1 Malta, New York
136701 Boekel 132000Incubator 1 300.00 Scotia, New York
185310 brimrose Luminar 5030handheld AOTF-NIR analyzer 2 Wilmington, Delaware
192696 Brookfield DV2THCBCOViscometer 1 Malta, New York
195984 Cameca LEXFAB300Diffusion Measurement 1 Dresden, Saxony
1143 Cavro Corporation SB1200Pump, Syringe 1 1,025.00 Scotia, NY
137890 CEM Mars 5Microwave Accelerated Reaction System 1 Scotia, NY
131267 Clean Link NoneTwo Compartment Mobile Mini Environment 2 1,900.00 Scotia, NY
185296 Daitron EMTEC CVP-80Edge Grinder 1 Singapore,
117739 Delta F Corporation FAH0500Process Oxygen Analyzer 5 Scotia, NY
138068 Dionex DX500Ion Chromatography System 1 F* Scotia, New York
155721 Dwyer ISDP-006Differential Pressure Transmitter 1 270.00 Scotia, New York
190817 FEI Tecnai 20 S-TWIN
Transmission Electron Microscope Tecnai20 LaB6:
TEM 200kV equipped with
 -Super TWIN lens
 -1K Gatan Multiscan CCD camera (Mod. 794)
 -EDAX EDX-system (SiLi detector ultrathin window 133eV resolution)
5-axis motorized stage
Single tilt holder


point resolution 0,24nm
line resolution 0,14nm

1 194,502.78 F* Neubiberg, Bavaria
179231 Fisher Sci 265 3 Cleveland, OH
42694 Fisher Sci ACCUMET 915pH Meter 1 495.00 Scotia, New York
2396 Foxboro Miran1BXAnalyzer, Portable, Ambient Air 1 Scotia, New York
194709 Fuji Paudal QJ-230TSpheronizer Marumerizer -- Lab Scale 1 F* Scotia, New York
183208 GEMETEC Elymat IIIElectrolytical Metal Analysis Tool 1 F* East Fishkill, NY
113465 Gilson 215Multiple Probe 215 SPE 1 Scotia, New York
113472 Gilson 215Liquid Handler 1 Scotia, New York
195858 GRETA Multifermentor System & Gas Sampling Valves 1 Wilmington, Delaware
176517 Harvard Apparatus Plugsys Type 603 1 Mount Holly, NJ
190137 Heller Industries Oven/Laminator/coater 1 F* Wilmington, Delaware
168243 Hewlett Packard 3396C 1 Mount Holly, New Jersey
195917 Hiden Isochema IGAsorp Dynamic Vapor Sorption Analyzer 1 Wilmington, Delaware
155054 Hitachi EPL-8541HK8RCOLOR COPIER-EPL 8541 1 12,719.63 Regensburg, BY
155052 Hitachi MI-SCOPEScanning Acoustictomograph-Hitachi Mi-Scope 1 Regensburg, BY
155053 Hitachi N/AOff Line Processor 1 13,199.94 Regensburg, BY
194713 Hitachi S-5200Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope 1 F* Villach, Carinthia
155056 Hitachi V523 50MHZOSCILLOSCOPE-HITACHI V523 50MHZ 1 2,194.74 Regensburg, BY
155055 Hitachi VP-1500MONOCHROME COPIER 1 3,452.68 Regensburg, BY
195392 Idler Rolls 1 F* Richmond, Virginia
147399 Illinois Instruments 913Trace Oxygen Analyzer 1 Scotia, NY
188029 Illinois Instruments ZR820Trace Oxygen Analyzer 3 Scotia, NY
176516 Inmac Power Supply model 8340-5 1 Mount Holly, NJ
189512 Integrated Flame Scanner and Temperature Analyzer 2 Newark, Delaware
165312 Interlab T52997W-HXTank--Heated--Stainless Steel 1 Scotia, New York
160435 Isles Airclean MVF-524Modular Vertical Flow Work Station 1 2,900.00 Scotia, New York
187800 JEOL Vacuum Desicator EMDSC-U10A 1 Wilmington, DE
195885 K-Tron M12Twin Screw Gravimetric Micro Feeder, 12mm 1 N* Scotia, New York
177223 Kaye Instruments Inc x1360 validator 1 Eau Claire, WI
191525 Keithley S425Tester 1 Singapore,
178270 KEITHLEY Insturments, 590 C-V Analyzer, 300mm 1 Taichung, Taichung City
55376 KGI 72120Serological Borosilicate Glass Pipet 2 166.00 Scotia, New York
626 Lab-Line 3529Incubator-Shaker, Orbital w/Microprocessor Control 1 Scotia, New York
176514 Lab-Line 6 Position Multi-Magnestir Model 1278 1 Mount Holly, NJ
117861 LabGuard Corporation LFR-1000Laminar Flow Recirculator 1 2,750.00 Scotia, New York
120645 Lake Shore Cryo 321Autotuning Temperature Controller 1 1,250.00 Scotia, NY
116570 Lake Shore Cryo 330Autotuning Temperature Controller 3 1,250.00 Scotia, New York
28562 Laminaire DWS 630Laminar Flow Work Station 1 3,000.00 Scotia, New York
128795 Laminaire 636-CILaminar Flow Work Station 1 2,800.00 Scotia, New York
16977 Laminaire DWS 636Laminar Flow Work Station 1 3,000.00 Scotia, New York
153505 Leco 1 Memphis, Tennessee
153502 Leco 601-800-800 1 Memphis, Tennessee
153503 Leco 602-600-300 1 Memphis, Tennessee
151284 LEICA CAMBRIDGE LTD Cambridge S260Cambridge S260 Scanning Electron Microscope 1 Regensburg, BY
52383 Lesco HOTSPOTHot Air Curing System 1 3,300.00 Scotia, New York
151285 LINK ANALYTICAL LTD INCA L300QILINK ISIS INCA L300QI Energy Dispersive X-Ray 1 Regensburg, BY
178645 Liquid Nitrogen Dewars - Cold Storage (35L) 1 F* Wilmington, DE
190437 Marshall/Williams Stretch Bonding Machine & Equipment 1 Richmond, Virginia
164061 Marvel 6FRFHazarous Location Refrigerator 1 1,385.00 Scotia, NY
140404 Metrohm 758KFD Titrino Titrator 1 Scotia, New York
191526 Metron Extraction, Amine 1 Singapore,
194897 Mettler DL77Titrator with Rondo 60 Sample 1 Scotia, New York
190333 Mettler DM40Density Meter -- New in the box 2 Scotia, New York
131289 MOBILE MINI ENVIRONMENT 5.1 CU. FT.Single Compartment Mobile Mini Environment 3 1,400.00 Scotia, New York
178730 NCB Network NF200 1 Singapore,
161908 Nova 341KO2/H2 Portable Gas Analyzer 1 Scotia, New York
195884 NuAire Inc NU-425-600Biological Safety Cabinet - 6' Class II Type A2 2 N* Scotia, New York
195881 NuAire Inc NU-440-400Biological Safety Cabinet - 4' Class II Type A2 1 N* Scotia, New York
190343 NUMATICS Pneumatic Cylinders 24 Sayreville, New Jersey
77344 Omega OS900AInfrared Thermometer 1 Scotia, New York
192212 Orton Automatic Recording Dilatometers 2 F* Wilmington, Delaware
176172 Panalytical Perl’X 3 Fluxer 1 Wilmington, Delaware
36054 Perkin Elmer 5000Microarray Analysis System 1 Scotia, New York
4330 Perkin Elmer Elan 6000 seriesOrganic Sample Introduction Kit 6 Scotia, New York
161820 Perkin Elmer P3 1 Mount Holly, New Jersey
181186 Perkin Elmer Pyris 1DSC Scanning Calorimeter 1 Dresden, SN
179143 Perkin Elmer Spectrophotometer, Lambda 18 UV/Vis 12775 1 Mount Holly, NJ
97930 Porous Materials BET-201AELPCPMI Automated BET Sorptometer 1 Scotia, New York
97996 Porous Materials CFP-31CTE82-3X-L3PMI Capillary Flow Porometer 1 Scotia, New York
97993 Porous Materials GP-1100A-M-SPMI Automated Gas Permeameter 1 Scotia, New York
196204 Prometrix RS-35-GSheet Resistance Measurement 1 East Fishkill, New York
195384 Prometrix RS50/eFour Point Probe Sheet Resistivity 1 F* East Fishkill, New York
178542 Protein Technologies Tribute Peptide Synthesizer 1 Wilmington, DE
48120 Quailmetrics 5021Hygrothermograph 1 300.00 F* Scotia, New York
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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Scientific and Laboratory Equipment:
Acton Research Corporation, Asymtek, Bacharach Inc, Beckman, Blue M, Boekel Scientific, brimrose, Brookfield Engineering Labs, Cameca, Cavro Corporation, CEM, Clean Link, Daitron, Delta F Corporation, Dionex, Dwyer, FEI, Fisher Scientific, Foxboro, Fuji Paudal, GEMETEC, Gilson, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, Illinois Instruments, Interlab, Isles Airclean, K-Tron, Kaye Instruments Inc, Keithley, Kimble Glass Incorporated, Lab-Line, LabGuard Corporation, Lake Shore Cryotronics, Laminaire, Leco, LEICA CAMBRIDGE LTD, Lesco, LINK ANALYTICAL LTD, Marvel, Metrohm, Metron, Mettler, NCB Network, Nova, NuAire Inc, Omega, Perkin Elmer, Porous Materials, Prometrix, Quailmetrics, Rame Hart, Scientek Technology Corp, Solid State Measurement, Stackpole, Thermolyne, Walker Scientific , Waters, Yamato, Yasui Seiki Mirwec