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Tanker Rail Cars

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  • Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionShell Full CapaUsageLiningRailbed FitCoupler Type#PriceNotes Location
    MakeModelRR GaugeCurve Negot
    »L  gal»m  ft$
    187395 Chlorine Rail Cars39 Wilmington, DE
    TankCar DUPX 0209661 LaPlace, LA
    TankCar DUPX 0209671 F*LaPlace, LA
    TankCar DUPX 0209681 LaPlace, LA
    TankCar DUPX 0209691 LaPlace, LA
    TankCar DUPX 0209701 LaPlace, LA
    TankCar DUPX 0209721 LaPlace, LA
    TankCar DUPX 0209731 LaPlace, LA
    TankCar DUPX 0209751 LaPlace, LA

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