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Other Wafer Fabrication Equipment

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionDescriptionSize RangeCass to Cass#PriceNotes Location
MakeModelSet Size
286HT-8-10EPT13 8" Quartz Boat for 5 Wafers8" Quartz Boat for 5 Wafers9 Plano, TX
Anelva 32-515-638Shutter Drive Unit2 Scotia, NY
EVG 540Fully-Automated Production Wafer Bonder300 mm1 Scotia, New York
EVG AB1-PVAnodic Wafer Bonder 1 Scotia, NY
EVG EV640Wafer to Wafer Bond Aligner1 Scotia, NY
EVG EVG850DB/200 Waferdebonder150 mmYES1 Regensburg, BY
176318 EVG EVG850TB/200 Waferbonder for 6 inch wafers150 mmYES1 Regensburg, BY
176319 EVG EVG850TB/200Waferbonder for 6 inch wafers150 mmYES1 Regensburg, BY
EVG Smartview Bond Aligner300mm Wafer to Wafer Bond Aligner300 mm1 Scotia, NY
Logitech BC1Wafer Bonder Controller1 Scotia, NY
Logitech WSB2Wafer Substrate Bonding Unit100 mm1 F*Scotia, NY
Reynoldstech CustomHot Plate, 200° C, 16" x 16", Vacuum Hold Down1 5,750.00 Scotia, NY
Sharon Vacuum UnknownWafer Bonder1 9,500.00 Scotia, NY
189866 Takatori ATM-1100CTakatori ATM-1100C Automatic Wafer Taper200 mmYES1 N*Plano, Texas
189865 Takatori ATM-1100ETakatori ATM-1100E Wafer Taper200 mm1 N*Plano, Texas
189868 Takatori ATRM-2100Takatori ATRM-2100 Automatic Wafer Detaper200 mmYES1 N*Plano, Texas
189867 Takatori ATRM-2100DTakatori ATRM-2100D Automatic Wafer Detaper200 mmYES1 N*Plano, Texas

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Wafer Fabrication Equipment:
Anelva, EVG, Logitech, Reynoldstech, Sharon Vacuum , Takatori