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Wafer Transfer Units

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionDescriptionCass to Cass#PriceNotes Location
177278 Asyst Technologies 21Robot--Wafer Transfer 1 F* Scotia, NY
178844 Asyst Technologies 300FL,S3,25WFRSMIF LOAD PORT--300MMno 2 Scotia, NY
97997 Asyst Technologies ELEVATORWafer Loader, Elevator 1 2,425.00 Scotia, NY
42388 Brooks Automation 001-1570-87Robot Vacuum Arm 2 Scotia, NY
187927 Brooks Automation 002-7391-08Wafer Prealigner 1 F* Scotia, NY
173591 Brooks Automation 002-7800-05Load Port, 200 mm 1 Scotia, NY
43267 Brooks Automation ACUTRAN 7Wafer Transfer Robot & Aligner 1 Scotia, NY
187920 Brooks Automation ATR Series 017-0266-01ATR Series Wafer Transfer Robot 1 Scotia, NY
140261 Brooks Automation MagnaTran 7B Vacuum Transfer BiSymmetrik Robot 1 Scotia, NY
129680 Brooks Automation MagnaTran 7FVacuum Wafer Transfer Frogleg Robot 1 F* Scotia, NY
187902 Brooks Automation MagnaTran 7F Vacuum Wafer Transfer Robot 3-1600-32 1 Scotia, NY
41592 Brooks Automation VCE2Cassette Elevator 8 Scotia, NY
41744 Brooks Automation VCE2 Wafer Elevator/AlignerYES 3 Scotia, NY
43406 Brooks Automation VTR5Vacuum Atmosphere Robot 1 Scotia, NY
96850 Brooks Automation VTR5 8Wafer Robot 1 Scotia, NY
140286 Brooks Automation VWA 2Vacuum Wafer Aligner 1 Scotia, NY
91840 Equipe Technologies ATM105-1-S-CEWafer Transfer Robot & Aligner 1 Scotia, NY
49924 Faith Technology Rapitran IWafer Transfer StationYES 1 Plano, Texas
49925 Faith Technology Rapitran IWafer Transfer StationYES 1 Plano, Texas
24124 Faith Technology Rapitran IIWaferTransfer Station 1 Plano, Texas
89692 Genmark Automation GENCOBOT 4Wafer Transfer Robot 1 F* Scotia, NY
35766 GL Automation AWA6-ACWafer Aligner -- Flat Finder 49 Scotia, NY
35784 H-Square AFEZ-6ACWafer Aligner Flat Finder 1 Scotia, NY
35786 H-Square FFTB-3MAWafer Aligner/Flat Finder 30 Scotia, NY
35785 H-Square SQ-20614Wafer Aligner Flat Finder 18 Scotia, NY
178847 Kawasaki 3NS410B-A704Robot--Wafer Transferno 2 Scotia, NY
64831 Mactronix AWi-600Automatic Wafer SorterYES 1 F* Plano, TX
120870 Mactronix Horizon HZN825P5Wafer Transfer for 200mm Wafers 1 F* Plano, TX
76999 Mactronix UKA-650Automatic Wafer Transfer Station 1 Plano, TX
79340 Mactronix UKA-825Automatic Wafer Transfer Station 1 Plano, TX
49933 MGI Systems 1282-1300Wafer Transfer StationYES 1 Plano, TX
49934 MGI Systems 1282-1400Wafer Transfer StationYES 1 Plano, TX
48496 RECIF IDLW5Lot & Wafer Identification ReaderYES 1 Plano, TX
120795 RECIF IDLW8RWafer ID Reader 1 Plano, TX
120796 RECIF IDLW8RWafer ID Reader 1 Plano, TX
120797 RECIF IDLW8RWafer ID Reader 1 Plano, TX
120873 RECIF SPP8Wafer Transfer for 200mm Wafers 1 Plano, TX
77960 Seiwa KWEX-268Wafer Transfer Station 1 Plano, TX
133157 Yaskawa Electric Cor XU-RC350D-C03Dual Arm Clean Robot 1 Scotia, NY

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Wafer Transfer Units:
Asyst Technologies, Brooks Automation, Equipe Technologies, Faith Technology, Genmark Automation, GL Automation, H-Square, Kawasaki, Mactronix, MGI Systems, RECIF, Seiwa, Yaskawa Electric Cor