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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionDescriptionPower RequirementsConditionYr Made#PriceNotes Location
105231 Airtek TW-130Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer1151 Phase 1 2,200.00 F* Scotia, NY
191276 Akrion MP-2000Clean Bench - Cu Cleans 1 F* Singapore,
191507 Akrion MP-20001999 1 F* Singapore,
185267 Akrion UP V2 MP.2000Etch Solvent Sink2000 1 Singapore,
194974 Alexanderwerk BT 120 PharmaRoller Compactor -- Benchtop4606.03 Phase2008 1 F* Scotia, New York
195004 Alexanderwerk RFG 150 DARotor Fine Granulator with Universal Gear Motor...4603 Phase2010 1 F* Scotia, New York
195784 ATP PD0-5 RAILCAR GATE OPENERGood2014 2 2,000.00 F* Niagara Falls, New York
158833 Autoclave Engineers NB196Bolted Closure Pressure Vessel2007 1 F* Scotia, New York
185298 Autoclean ISG-2000Ultrasonic Cleaner 1 Singapore,
156269 Avery 3205-COEPortable Platform ScaleGood1981 1 3,756.87 F* Regensburg, BY
192099 Champion E Series Commercial Dishwasher (UNUSED)New-Never Used 1 F* Freeport, Texas
195070 Channel Trey/4" solid aluminum/T’s and 90’s/100,000’/new surplus New-Never Used 1 lot Freeport, Texas
182727 Control Air D-9-L-SM-UM-MOD 184D-9-L-SM-UM LIFT,MODEL#184 TEST PSI.=100 PSI,DE...2013 1 F* Burlington, VT
184511 Control Screening Dynavision 640 1 Wilmington, DE
119626 Despatch Equipment CabinetEquipment Rack--Heavy Duty 1 1,200.00 Scotia, NY
196156 ENTEGRIS 01-026052-13FM4911 Compliant 25 wafer FOUP 1 Malta, New York
138226 EQUIPMENT CABINETEquipment Cabinet 19" X 19"1151 Phase 1 175.00 Scotia, NY
151837 EQUIPMENT CABINETEquipment Cabinet 19" X 58" 1 Scotia, NY
151838 EQUIPMENT CABINETEquipment Cabinet 19" X 58" 1 Scotia, NY
189391 Filter/Strainer Pot, 81”x44” 1805 lbs. manufactured by Products Fabrication Inc.Located in Freeport, TX Like New2008 1 9,800.00 F* Freeport, Texas
196047 Fitzpatrick Company DAS06Fitzmill Hammer Mill Comminutor230/46021.03 Phase 1 F*N* Scotia, New York
152412 Flame Arrestor / Explosion Quench Tube, 28",
Flame Arrestor / Explosion Quench Tube, 28", :
by CV Technology - "Unused", purchased in 2010. Explosion venting solution.
model CV-Q-28, Serial# 31002011
28" Interceptor(R)- QR (R) explosion quench tube. Rupture disc has a burst pressure (P stat) of 0.1 bar and rated for full vacuum. "In the event of a deflagration, the rupture disc on the Interceptor (R)-QR (R) explosion quench tube will release, allowing the deflagration to vent into the Interceptor(R)-QR(R) chamber where it will be safely quenched with no flame or dust propagation into the surrounding area."
1 F* Valdosta, Georgia
179796 GE Pavilion Transformer Good 1 F* Wilmington, DE
180112 Hall Tank Co. AH-16New-Never Used1991 1 F* Houston, Texas
177612 Hitzinger DDUPS component –Kinetic Energy Module (Choke/KIN)Poor2005 13 F* Regensburg, BY
140546 Insidix Excellent2008 1 Regensburg, BY
184999 Invensys PowerWare 9315-80UPS, 80kVA/64kW, 480 VAC input / 480 VAC three...2004 1 Burlington, VT
196155 IPG Micro IX-280 MLLaser - Drill 2015 1 Malta, New York
100326 Kammer 085048Stainless Steel Valve 1 2,450.00 F* Scotia, NY
100327 Kammer 085048Stainless Steel Valve 1 2,400.00 Scotia, NY
193241 Magtech Level Transmitters (2) surplus/unusedExcellent 2 lot F* Freeport, Texas
190239 Maren Engineering Co 72/60-339Hydraulic CylinderLike New2016 1 10,000.00 Dunkirk, New York
185006 MGI Middlesex Genera 1 Regensburg, BY
180274 Micro Control Co. Abes IVBurn-in Oven to test both VLSI and memory devicesFair2000 1 Burlington, VT
180276 Micro Control Co. WRP64WRP64, Burn-in Oven to test both VLSI and memor...Fair1999 1 Burlington, VT
182327 MKS Instruments AX8559 ASTeX GeneratorOzone Generator, AX85502011 1 Malta, NY
182329 MKS Instruments Liquozone PrimO3Ozone Generator2014 1 Malta, NY
189283 Monroe Site, Small BoilerPoor 1 Monroe, North Carolina
184773 Orbis FP151Totes -- Stack-N-Nest Very Good 2000 12.00 F* Scotia, NY
196394 Pallet Shelving 1 lot N* Wilmington, Delaware
195508 Phoenix ValvesGood2011 23 lot 7,300.00 F* Wilmington, Delaware
184932 Pillar UNIBLOCK CLASSIC 500 KVA UPSUniversal Power SupplyGood1988 1 Burlington, VT
166304 Positech LA-3030Ergonomic Lift Assist - LodeArm 30302009 1 Scotia, NY
4517 Professional Instrum 3RAir Bearing Spindle w/EncoderVery Good 13 Scotia, NY
181254 Progressive Machine Winding Machine Good 1 Midland, Michigan
100338 Pure-Flo DV5WDivert Valve Five Way 1 Scotia, NY
100334 Pure-Flo FVX-1151-67BStainless Steel Valve 1 1,500.00 Scotia, NY
100328 Pure-Flo FVX-1252-6Zero Static Block Body Tee 1 Scotia, NY
100335 Pure-Flo FVX-1261-67AStainless Steel Valve 1 1,500.00 Scotia, NY
190238 Reznor UDAP400Good 1 595.00 Dunkirk, New York
138128 Rittal 1807Equipment Enclosure1151 Phase 1 650.00 Scotia, NY
183767 Sonicar TS-12047HCBest Chemical Ultrasonic Degreaser 1 Singapore,
191513 Sonicor Instruments TS-2404/402424HUltrasonic Cleaner 1 Singapore,
182280 Suss MicroTec HVMMFTAutomatic Injection Molded Solder Mold Filling ... 1 East Fishkill, NY
182306 Suss MicroTec HVMMFT, Mold Fill Tool, 300mm, C4, automated injection molded solder mold filling ... 1 Fishkill, NY
3279 Thoreson Mc Cosh TD12Dryer, Plastic Pellet4607.23 Phase1989 1 F* Scotia, NY
192098 Thurmaduke Steam Table 88” (UNUSED)New-Never Used 1 F* Freeport, Texas
189323 Titanium Limited Heat Exchanger, Horizontal, 45.25in ID x 272in OALExcellent 1 99,999.00 F* Freeport, Texas
195973 Tolan Machinery Custom24" Double Cone Vacuum Dryer - HastelloyVery Good1998 1 N* Scotia, New York
191490 Ultimate Washer ES543K448A-600New-Never Used 1 0.00 Mississauga, Ontario
195193 Unused Luxury Vinyl Plank Tile Masland CalibreNew-Never Used 1 Nevada, Iowa
188484 Unused Stair BridgeLike New 1 F* Johnston, Iowa
195479 Used Modular late Model Office FurnitureVery Good 1 St. Louis, Missouri
162037 VA Technologies DD SeriesRainfall Sander4803 Phase 1 Scotia, NY
196602 Venturi Air Blowers 1 lot F*N* Freeport, Texas
184784 Vibra Finish Co. FCV-ULE-2Vibratory Tumbler -- 3 Cubic Feet Capacity230/4603.53 PhaseVery Good2011 2 Scotia, New York
188021 Wafer shipping boxesWafer shipping Boxes 8" only used onceVery Good 800 Regensburg, BY
194716 WANTED - Hi Temp Short Time Pastuerizer SystemVery Good 1 Kingston, Ontario
4044 Wilkerson H01AH000Dryer, Compressed Air1154.01 PhaseVery Good 1 225.00 Scotia, NY

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Airtek, Akrion, Alexanderwerk, Autoclave Engineers, Autoclean, Avery, Control Air, Despatch, ENTEGRIS, Fitzpatrick Company, Hall Tank Co. , Insidix, Invensys, IPG Micro, Kammer , Maren Engineering Corporation, MGI Middlesex General Industries, Micro Control Co., MKS Instruments, Inc., Orbis, Pillar, Positech, Professional Instrument Co., Progressive Machine , Pure-Flo, Reznor, Rittal, Sonicar, Sonicor Instruments, Suss MicroTec, Thoreson Mc Cosh, Tolan Machinery, Ultimate Washer, VA Technologies, Vibra Finish Co., Wilkerson