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Circuit Breakers

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt DescriptionAMP# PolesVoltage#PriceNotes Location
102956 Applied Materials OEM*61-10183-00Circuit Breaker 70A 3 Pole1 135.00 Hudson, NY
48717 Cuttler-Hammer MFR*EHD3060BREAKER, 60A 3PL 480V604801 175.00 Hudson, NY
48720 Cuttler-Hammer MFR*GHB3050BREAKER, 50A 3PL 480V3 196.00 Hudson, NY
103237 Eaton OEM*3 Plano, TX
102954 Gasonics OEM*38-0052-01Breaker 1 Amp 32VDC /250VAC2 3.50 Hudson, NY
102961 Gasonics OEM*38-0053-01Circuit Breaker 2 Amp 32VDC /250VAC22 3.50 Hudson, NY
102955 Gasonics OEM*A38-009-01Breaker 12 Amp 32VDC /250VAC1 1.75 Hudson, NY
95377 ITE B03B0303 pole, 30 AMP CB1 Plano, TX
102959 ITE Mfr*EE3B060Circuit Breaker 3PH 60A 240VAC60.0032402 195.00 Hudson, NY
102962 Potter & Brumfield Mfr*W92-X112-15Circuit Breaker 15 Amp151 27.50 Hudson, NY
Siemens OEM*BQ3B030Circuit Breaker1 Plano, TX
102960 Square-D Mfr*FAL24025Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker1 375.00 Hudson, NY
48716 Westinghouse MFR*BA2060BREAKER, 60A 2PL 120/240V1 25.00 Hudson, NY
48718 Westinghouse MFR*FB3150BREAKER, 150A 3PL 600V1 650.00 Hudson, NY
48721 Westinghouse MFR*QPHW2090BREAKER, 90A 2PL 120/240V1 110.00 Hudson, NY
48719 Westinghouse MFR*QPHW3070BREAKER, 70A 3PL 240V2 125.00 Hudson, NY
Westinghouse OEM*GHB1015Circuit Breaker2 Plano, TX
Westinghouse OEM*GHB2015Circuit Breaker1 Plano, TX
Westinghouse OEM*GHB2025Circuit Breaker2 Plano, TX
Westinghouse OEM*GHB2060Circuit Breaker1 Plano, TX
Westinghouse OEM*GHB3025Circuit Breaker2 Plano, TX
Westinghouse OEM*GHB3040Circuit Breaker1 Plano, TX
Westinghouse OEM*GHB3070Circuit Breaker2 Plano, TX

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Circuit Breakers:
Applied Materials, Inc., Cuttler-Hammer, Eaton, Gasonics, ITE, Potter & Brumfield, Siemens, Square-D, Westinghouse