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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt DescriptionHead StyleScrew DriveMaterialThread StyleLength#PriceNotes Location
»mm  in$
115224 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-30330Screw 3 6.75 Hudson, NY
118696 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-30914SCREW, BLOCKER PLATE 4 4 2.25 Hudson, NY
115225 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-31162Screw 1 17.50 Hudson, NY
115226 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-31401Screw 3 27.00 Hudson, NY
115227 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-31467Screw 31 16.00 Hudson, NY
115228 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-75002SPECIAL SCREW 1 96.50 Hudson, NY
115237 Applied Materials Mfr*3690-01017SCREW BDG HD 6-32X1/2 100 0.20 Hudson, NY
115238 Applied Materials Mfr*3690-01460SCREW MACH SKT HD 4-40 X 1/2" 13 2.05 Hudson, NY
139967 Applied Materials OEM*0020-46554Screw TI 1/4-20x1/2 300mm PCT 2 Plano, TX
115231 Applied Materials OEM*0021-38909SCREW, CAPTIVE 1 5.00 Hudson, NY
115234 Applied Materials OEM*0200-36104LID LINER SCREW,TXZ CIP 2 60.00 Hudson, NY
99169 Applied Materials OEM*3690-01386Screw, CAP SKT HD 2-56x3/16L HEX SKT SSTStandardHex Socket 30 0.18 F* Hudson, NY
99170 Applied Materials OEM*3690-01478SRCAP SKT, HD 8-32X 1/4 L HEX (MxP CarriStandardHex Socket0.250 12 0.18 Hudson, NY
99171 Applied Materials OEM*3690-01544SCREW, CAP FLT HD 4-40 X 3/8LVENTED PHILFlat0.370 3 0.53 Hudson, NY
115239 Applied Materials OEM*3690-01619SCREW, CAPTIVE RTNR SST 4 4.00 Hudson, NY
99173 Applied Materials OEM*3690-02135SCREW, CAP SOCKET HD 2-56X3/8CVD 12 0.18 Hudson, NY
99174 Applied Materials OEM*3690-02508Screw Cap Flt, HD 4-40 X 1/4L Vent Phil 12 0.71 Hudson, NY
99175 Applied Materials OEM*3690-02977SCREW, CAP SKT HD 6-32 X 5/16L 12 1.50 Hudson, NY
99178 Applied Materials OEM*3690-04012SCR Captive, 1/4-20X1.250LX.50THD HEX SK 8 2.13 Hudson, NY
99179 Applied Materials OEM*3690-04020SCR Caprive, PNL 3/8-16x1-3/4LX3/4THD HE 6 4.43 Hudson, NY
99181 Applied Materials OEM*3690-04241Screw, Flt Hd Skt Pc 6-32 x 3/8 L 188 0.71 Hudson, NY
99182 Applied Materials OEM*3690-90324Screw, SKT. CAP .HD. SST. M3x6MMLG 3 0.46 Hudson, NY
99183 Applied Materials OEM*3690-90399Screw SKT CAP HD SST M5X25 6 0.31 Hudson, NY
115235 LAM OEM*1005-00-013SCREW, 1/4-20X1 FLT HD SLOT KEL 53 Hudson, NY
115241 LAM OEM*405-036-00-0-0SCREW, LEVELLING XL OXIDE-REPA 47 Hudson, NY
115243 LAM OEM*720-016278-114SCREW, 1/4-20-5/8 PAN HD SLOT PEEK 46 Hudson, NY
94207 Texas Instruments 4012765-0001Screw Cap-M4 210 F* Plano, TX
115232 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*020-001690-1Screw Cap m6 x40 5 Hudson, NY
115236 Unknown OEM*304009-029FASTENER, NO.12 QUICK OPENING 2 Hudson, NY
115246 Unknown OEM*74F000027SCREW, ALUMINUM 3 Hudson, NY
154988 Warner Electric OEM*R-0308Ball Bearing Screw - Industrial Gra... 2 Plano, TX

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Screws:
Applied Materials, Inc., LAM, Texas Instruments, Tokyo Electronics Limited, Unknown, Warner Electric