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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes Location
87268 Applied Materials 1 Plano, TX
Applied Materials 1 Plano, TX
Applied Materials 0020-09618Bushing, Plug1 Plano, TX
Applied Materials 0020-78434PN 0020-784344 Plano, TX
Applied Materials 0020-790955 Plano, TX
87298 Applied Materials 0021-036671 Plano, TX
Applied Materials 0040-610611 Plano, TX
Applied Materials 0240-203111 Plano, TX
Applied Materials 0910-010732 Plano, TX
Applied Materials 3860-011381 Plano, TX
Applied Materials OEM*0020-40706 Rear Cover1 Plano, TX
Applied Materials OEM*0040-85173 Tool, Peek, Stator Positioning, 300mm RTP1 Plano, TX
141864 Applied Materials OEM*0190-77195 Latch2 Plano, TX
54951 Applied Materials OEM*3630-01091RTNRRING EXT 3/48 3.95 Hudson, NY
54952 Applied Materials OEM*3630-01092RTNR RING INT 58 2.50 Hudson, NY
104237 Applied Materials OEM*71-10028-00COUPLING, 5/16 BORE2 25.00 Hudson, NY
104231 Axcelis Technologies Part Number 1066-0027-001 56.00 Hudson, NY
Carr-Lane4 Plano, TX
Eagle1 Plano, TX
Eagle Group136 Plano, TX
104230 Eaton Part Number 0871-0003-000312 2.00 Hudson, NY
Enidine6 Plano, TX
EWAL3 Plano, TX
104235 Federal-Mogul Part Number 45016110 6.00 Hudson, NY
104228 Ferrofluidics Part Number 020217021 1,500.00 Hudson, NY
Foster13 Plano, TX
104229 GCA/Precision Sci Part Number 0286032 64.00 Hudson, NY
139965 LAM OEM*2201029Rubber Flex Coupling2 Plano, TX
95830 Long's Mfg.4 Plano, TX
McGill CF 5/8 SB CI22 Plano, TX
Reusable Container 222052Reusable Container1 Plano, TX
104233 Semi-Tool Part Number 17576-0129 2.25 Hudson, NY
104238 Semi-Tool Part Number STD103212333 Hudson, NY
104239 Semi-Tool Part Number STD6321434 Hudson, NY
104240 Semi-Tool Part Number STD63238384 Hudson, NY
104241 Semi-Tool Part Number STD83212113 Hudson, NY
104242 Semi-Tool Part Number STD8321483 Hudson, NY
141863 Semitool OEM*4606-37 Center Bulkhead Jack 75 OHM4 Plano, TX
142255 Semitool OEM*62810-05 Latch Lift&Turn Cmprsn Tool Scrd SML B3 Plano, TX
Semitool OEM*7450-8-8Helical Flexible Shaft Coupling5 Plano, TX
96056 SMT 8 Plano, TX
96057 SMT 8 Plano, TX
Swagelok 4 Plano, TX
TAZ OEM*D123466Ring, Spacer, SS1 Plano, TX
104232 Thomas & Betts Part Number 14850 Hudson, NY
94288 Thompson1 Plano, TX
104236 Unknown Part Number 51-0303 12.00 Hudson, NY
104234 Varian OEM*2595022Drive Right Angle2 Hudson, NY
93462 Watkins-Johnson 6 Plano, TX

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Hardware:
Applied Materials, Inc., LAM, Semitool, SMT, Swagelok, TAZ, Varian, Watkins-Johnson