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Physical Vapor Deposition Kit Components

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes Location
56800 Applied Materia Mfr*0020-24804-R8" Cover Ring2 Hudson, NY
56804 Applied Materia Mfr*0020-25917-RInsulator DC Bias (Ceramic)2 Hudson, NY
56810 Applied Materia Mfr*0020-29143-RCup. Outer Coil Support11 Hudson, NY
56813 Applied Materia Mfr*0020-29329-RClamp Feed Thru Coil Support3 Hudson, NY
56817 Applied Materia Mfr*0020-29341-RBar Rf Connector Flat, Vectra-2 Hudson, NY
56822 Applied Materia Mfr*0020-29348-RCup. Outer 3 Hudson, NY
56824 Applied Materia Mfr*0020-29948-RCup, Inner, Coil Sprt 1/8 THK8 Hudson, NY
56827 Applied Materia Mfr*0200-20169-RInsulator,Rigid Coil Support8 Hudson, NY
56829 Applied Materia Mfr*0200-20170-RCap. Rigid Coil Support11 Hudson, NY
56831 Applied Materia Mfr*0200-20175-RLabyrinth Coil Support7 Hudson, NY
54950 Applied Materia OEM*0020-29409CONDUCTOR, FLEX4 Hudson, NY
54955 Applied Materia OEM*3880-01004WSHERFLAT #4 SST1056 1.00 Hudson, NY
54956 Applied Materia OEM*3880-01022WSHERLKG SPLIT #424 1.00 Hudson, NY
99033 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-19706Cover Ring, 200 mm SIP TA/Tan, ESC1 3,521.78 Hudson, NY
56644 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-24387Pedestal 6" 101 SST/MATL3 Hudson, NY
56801 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-24914-RPVD Kit Components in Process Kit C...1 Hudson, NY
56843 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-24959PVD Kit Components in Process Kit C...1 Hudson, NY
56807 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-26547-RPVD Kit Components in Process Kit C...6 Hudson, NY
56808 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-27205-RPVD Kit Components in Process Kit C...7 Hudson, NY
99034 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-28906HUB, DC BIAS MODIFIED SHUTTER17 172.87 Hudson, NY
56811 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-29206-RBushing, Rigid Coil Support6 Hudson, NY
56819 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-29343-RShield Clamp Darkspace4 Hudson, NY
56820 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-29344-RPVD Kit Components in Process Kit C...4 Hudson, New York
99064 Applied Materials Mfr*0021-20045-UShield, Darkspace, TA/TAN, AL Arc Spray13 557.36 Hudson, NY
56825 Applied Materials Mfr*0021-20096-RPVD Kit Components in Process Kit C...1 Hudson, NY
56826 Applied Materials Mfr*0021-20718-RPVD Kit Components in Process Kit C...2 Hudson, NY
99065 Applied Materials Mfr*0021-22602Cover-Ring, 8" Moto B101 TI, 10.5" DI2 2,261.35 Hudson, NY
56832 Applied Materials Mfr*0200-20208-RLabyrinth Feedthru Coil Support Vectra Imn4 Hudson, NY
56839 Applied Materials Mfr*0200-20331-RCover Ring, 8" Bias2 Hudson, NY
99095 Applied Materials Mfr*0200-20439Coil, Insulator, Support Rigid2 130.00 Hudson, NY
56840 Applied Materials Mfr*0200-24804-R8" Cover Ring6 Hudson, NY
54923 Applied Materials OEM*0015-20035SCREW, INSULATOR4 Hudson, NY
54928 Applied Materials OEM*0020-20113HUB DC BIAS, SHI10 15.00 Hudson, NY
54930 Applied Materials OEM*0020-20114ISOLATER, DC BIA8 19.00 Hudson, NY
54947 Applied Materials OEM*0020-20119PVD Kit Components in Process Kit C...4 11.00 Hudson, NY
54948 Applied Materials OEM*0020-20126PVD Kit Components in Process Kit C...1 27.00 Hudson, NY
89267 Applied Materials OEM*0020-20919COVER PVD POST1 56.00 Hudson, NY
51151 Applied Materials OEM*0020-21031LIFT PIN 8 Hudson, NY
89268 Applied Materials OEM*0020-23837SPACER 6-12 SOURCE GUIDE PIN1 71.00 Hudson, NY
54899 Applied Materials OEM*0020-24614SHIELD LOW KNEE TI/AL PRCS SST 6" WFR1 Hudson, NY
54902 Applied Materials OEM*0020-26439SHIELD LOWER 6'' G12 101 SST DBL KNEE1 245.00 Hudson, NY
89286 Applied Materials OEM*0021-08111BRKT,SOURCE PIN GUIDE,SIP CU1 472.00 Hudson, NY
89292 Applied Materials OEM*0021-22576CLAMP FEEDTHRU COIL SUPPORT ELECTRA2 80.00 Hudson, NY
54954 Applied Materials OEM*3690-02848SCR CAP FLT HD 6-32X1/4L SLOT 82DEG SST SLVR-PLT5 2.25 Hudson, NY
56841 Honeywell Mfr*TSVCTISET-07935Vectra Coil Set26 Hudson, NY
88740 Novellus Systems, In OEM*04-730737-01Shield, Htr Support1 Hudson, NY
88735 Novellus Systems, In OEM*04-730876-02Shield, Plasma Dome6 Hudson, NY
88736 Novellus Systems, In OEM*04-732063-01Clamp, ESC WT Notch2 Hudson, NY
88741 Novellus Systems, In OEM*15-116732-00Sleeve, Insul RF1 Hudson, NY
88742 Novellus Systems, In OEM*16-117928-00Ring, Anode, HCM1 Hudson, NY
88737 Novellus Systems, In OEM*16-132471-00Gate Valve Shield (see also 813-045-YA-E4)4 Hudson, NY
88739 Novellus Systems, In OEM*17-143282-00Shield, Chmbr, Btm, DFE, W/ESC1 Hudson, NY
88738 Novellus Systems, In OEM*G1-709186-00Cover, Front1 Hudson, NY
88743 Novellus Systems, In OEM*G17-09090-00Clamp, Wafer, 200 mm3 Hudson, NY
88147 TOSOH Mfr*17-177334-00Bracket, Slit Valve1 Hudson, NY
88746 TOSOH Mfr*805-058-SG-E4Pedestal Cover, Lower1 Hudson, NY
88745 TOSOH Mfr*805-151-TG-E4Shutter, Ti1 Hudson, NY
88753 TOSOH Mfr*813-036-YG-E4Wafer Shield DFE2 Hudson, NY
88079 TOSOH Mfr*813-039-YG-E4Dep, Clampless Shield1 Hudson, NY
88750 TOSOH Mfr*813-041-YA-E4Shield, ESC RF3 Hudson, NY
88751 TOSOH Mfr*813-042-CG-E4Ring, Ceramic RF FF3 Hudson, NY
88744 TOSOH Mfr*813-043-SM-E4Clamp Weight RF FF4 Hudson, NY
88046 TOSOH Mfr*813-045-YA-E4Gate Valve Shield1 Hudson, NY
88047 TOSOH Mfr*813-046-YA-E4Ring Anode HCM2 Hudson, NY
88080 TOSOH Mfr*813-046-YG-E4Ring Anode HCM Shield1 Hudson, NY
88081 TOSOH Mfr*813-047-SG-E4Wt Notch ESC Clamp1 Hudson, NY
88048 TOSOH Mfr*813-048-SA-E4HCM Adapter1 Hudson, NY
88082 TOSOH Mfr*813-048-SG-E4HCM Adapter Shield1 Hudson, NY
88747 TOSOH Mfr*813-058-YG-E4ADVD Shield3 Hudson, NY
88754 TOSOH Mfr*813-075-AC-79Source, Cyl Cover1 Hudson, NY
88146 TOSOH Mfr*813-099-SA-E4Support Ring1 Hudson, NY
88145 TOSOH Mfr*813-4E4KR-SG8" Cu HCM Kit Complete (Inova)1 Hudson, NY
88755 TOSOH Mfr*813-5E4-KR-C8" Ceramic Kit3 Hudson, NY
88078 TOSOH Mfr*813-8E4KR-SA8" Ta HCM Kit Complete (Inova) K-71 Hudson, NY
88036 TOSOH OEM*813-027-CG-E4Cylinder Source, DFE Dovetailed6 Hudson, NY
88037 TOSOH OEM*813-031-CG-E4Ceramic Ring1 Hudson, NY
88038 TOSOH OEM*813-032-SG-E4Bottom Shield1 Hudson, NY
88039 TOSOH OEM*813-033-SG-E4Side Shield2 Hudson, NY
88040 TOSOH OEM*813-034-SG-E4Nut Front Dide Shield1 Hudson, NY
88041 TOSOH OEM*813-035-SG-E4Shield End Right Chamber1 Hudson, NY
88042 TOSOH OEM*813-037-SG-E4Elb, Bsg Prg Shield DFE w/ESC1 Hudson, NY
88043 TOSOH OEM*813-075-AG-E4CVR, Source Cyl w/ handles1 Hudson, NY
88044 TOSOH OEM*813-083-SGScrew Shield1 Hudson, NY
88034 TOSOH OEM*SET-813-1E4KR-SG8" Damaclean Kit Complete for Inova2 Hudson, NY

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Physical Vapor Deposition Kit Components:
Applied Materials, Inc., Honeywell, Novellus Systems, Inc., TOSOH