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Autoclaves / Sterilizers in Autoclaves / SterilizersAutoclaves / Sterilizers (5)


Baths, Chillers and Circulators in Baths, Chillers and CirculatorsBaths, Chillers and Circulators (106)


Centrifuges in CentrifugesCentrifuges (1)


Conveyors in ConveyorsConveyors (16)


Dust Collectors in Dust CollectorsDust Collectors (4)


Feeders, Pharmaceutical in Feeders, PharmaceuticalFeeders, Pharmaceutical (1)


Grinders, Food and Pharmaceutical in Grinders, Food and PharmaceuticalGrinders, Food and Pharmaceutical (2)


Heat Exchangers, Water to Water in Heat Exchangers, Water to WaterHeat Exchangers, Water to Water (2)


Homogenizers in HomogenizersHomogenizers (1)


Kettles in KettlesKettles (1)


Mixers, Production in Mixers, ProductionMixers, Production (1)


Ovens in OvensOvens (99)


Pharmaceutical Laboratory and Scientific Equipment in Pharmaceutical Laboratory and Scientific EquipmentPharmaceutical Laboratory and Scientific Equipment (1025)


Pharmaceutical Packaging Equipment in Pharmaceutical Packaging EquipmentPharmaceutical Packaging Equipment (63)


Process Gas & Chemical Handling Equipment in Process Gas & Chemical Handling EquipmentProcess Gas & Chemical Handling Equipment (14)


Pumps in PumpsPumps (18)


Reactors in ReactorsReactors (2)


Scales, Production Line in Scales, Production LineScales, Production Line (3)


Screens in ScreensScreens (2)


Tanks in TanksTanks (10)


Vacuum Pumps in Vacuum PumpsVacuum Pumps (369)

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment:
Affinity, Air Liquide, Alcatel, American Optical, American Scientific Products, Anelva, Anest Iwata, Applied Materials, Inc., Applied Test Systems, Inc., Balzers, Balzers-Pfeiffer, Bausch & Lomb, Inc, Blue M, Branson, Brookfield Engineering Labs, BTU Engineering, Buehler, Citronix, CM Furnaces, Coborn, Cole Parmer, Corning, Crest Ultrasonics, Cryofab, CTI Cryogenics, CVI, Denton, Despatch, Diagnostic Instruments, Dolan Jenner, Domino Amjet, Douglas, Ebara, Edwards, Eppendorf, Espec, Fisher Scientific, Gatan, Gilson, Granville Phillips, Haake, Hart Scientific, Heraeus, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, Imaje, Imtec Acculine, JEOL, JS, Lab-Line, Labconco, Lake Shore Cryotronics, Laminaire, LAUDA-Brinkmann, Leco, Leica, Leica, Leitz, Leybold, Lindberg, Linde, M&W Systems, Makino, Markem, Mellen, Mettler, Mitutoyo, MV Products, Neslab, Nikon, Olympus, Oriel, Osaka Vacuum Ltd., Parsons, Perkin Elmer, Pfeiffer Vacuum, Polycold, PolyScience, Porous Materials, Precision Scientific, Reichert Inc, Retsch, RK Print Coat Instruments, Ross, Safeline, Seiko-Seiki, Semi Gas Systems Inc, Semprex, SPEX CertiPrep, Stackpole, Stokes Vacuum, Tenney, Unitron, Vacuubrand, Varian, VWR Scientific Products, Waters, Wild, Yield Engineering Systems, Zeiss