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Industrial Equipment, General

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Air Handling Equipment in Air Handling EquipmentAir Handling Equipment (15)


Compressors, Air and Gas in Compressors, Air and GasCompressors, Air and Gas (4)


Electrical Equipment in Electrical EquipmentElectrical Equipment (41)


Materials Handling and Storage Equipment in Materials Handling and Storage EquipmentMaterials Handling and Storage Equipment (66)


Process Gas & Chemical Handling Equipment in Process Gas & Chemical Handling EquipmentProcess Gas & Chemical Handling Equipment (13)


Pumps, Pipes, Valves, Fittings & Flow Controls in Pumps, Pipes, Valves, Fittings & Flow ControlsPumps, Pipes, Valves, Fittings & Flow Controls (496)


Solids Processing Equipment in Solids Processing EquipmentSolids Processing Equipment (22)


Stockroom Equipment/Fixtures in Stockroom Equipment/FixturesStockroom Equipment/Fixtures (3)


Surface Processing Equipment in Surface Processing EquipmentSurface Processing Equipment (78)


Vacuum Processing Equipment in Vacuum Processing EquipmentVacuum Processing Equipment (1421)


Welding Equipment in Welding EquipmentWelding Equipment (4)

Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Industrial Equipment, General:
A&N Corporation, Adixen, AERA, Air Liquide, Airco Temescal, Alcatel, Anest Iwata, Applied Materials Inc., Applied Materials, Inc., Balzers, Balzers-Pfeiffer, Brooks Instrument, Buehler, Busch, Celerity, CHA Industries, CKD, Clippard, Consolidated Vacuum Corp, Conveyor Plus, CTI Cryogenics, CVI, Denton, DNS, Ebara, Edwards, ENTEGRIS, Ferrotec, Fischer, Fluoroware, Fujikin, Furon, Gatan, General Electric, Georg Fischer, Granville Phillips, Hiden Analytical, HPS, Huntington, HVA, Hyster, Inficon, Ingersoll Rand, Insulator Seal Corp., Ionics, Key High Vacuum, Komatsu, Kuroda Precision Industries Ltd., Kurt Lesker, LAM, Leybold, Logitech, Mac, Materials Research Corp, MDC, Meivac Inc., Millipore, Millipore Tylan, MKS Instruments, Inc., MV Products, Mykrolis, Nor-Cal Products, Novellus Systems, NUMATICS, Nupro, Oerlikon Leybold, Oriental Motor, Osaka Vacuum Ltd., Parker, Perkin Elmer, Pfeiffer Vacuum, Polycold, Portec, RED HAT, RED HEAD, Rorze, Seiko-Seiki, SMC, STEC, Stokes Vacuum, Strasbaugh, Superior Electric, Swagelok, Swagelok Company, The, Telemark, Temescal, Texas Instruments, Tokyo Electron Limited, Turck, Tylan General, Unit Instruments, Unknown, Vacuubrand, Vacuum General, Vacuum Research, Varian, VAT, Veeco Instruments, Veriflo, Whitey