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Bottling Equipment

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    Offer 132807


    Bottom Load Cartoner

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    in Cartoners

    1 F* Cleveland, OH
      Douglas Cartoner
    Bottom load cartoner servo controlled. Can perform at up to 83 packs per minute, with Nordson ProBlue 7 hot melt glue system, Has a dual lane infeed with starwheels to lay product down. Has an Allen Bradley Logix5561 PLC and Allen Bradley Kinetix 6000 servo controllers. 6.5cfm @ 80psi. 3/60/480V. Was last running a 12 pack carton of an 8oz nutritional drink at 83 packs per minute.

    Offer 150987

    Zalkin Fowler


    List all items of this typeCappers

    in Bottling Equipment

    1 19,000.00 St. Louis, MO
      Fowler Zalkin Capper w/cap feeder
    100MM Caps, Type CA3/480GR - Serial #23016. Used on 3.5 lb. (56 oz.)Jug line.
    Was operating at 60 jugs/min. (but could go faster).

    With Modicon Compact 984-A145 PLC controls.
    Offer 161127



    List all items of this typeHeat Shrink Tunnels

    in Bottling Equipment

    2 Medford, WI
      Heat Tunnel
    Short length heat tunnel used for shrinking wrap on frozen pizzas. Opening size is 15 inches wide by 8 inches high.
    Offer 163820


    Criterion LCP Dialog I

    List all items of this typeHorizontal Cartoners

    in Cartoners

    1 Waverly, IA
      Horizontal Cartoner
    Used on satchet line. Also available is the Jones indexer and horizontal form, fill, and seal pouch machines.
    Offer 163827



    List all items of this typeHeat Shrink Tunnels

    in Bottling Equipment

    1 F* Waverly, IA
      Sealer and Heat Shrink Tunnel
    Inclues wrapper, sealer, and heat tunnel.

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    Douglas, Jones, Shanklin, Zalkin Fowler