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    Offer 132807


    Bottom Load Cartoner

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    in Cartoners

    1 F* Cleveland, OH
      Douglas Cartoner
    Bottom load cartoner servo controlled. Can perform at up to 83 packs per minute, with Nordson ProBlue 7 hot melt glue system, Has a dual lane infeed with starwheels to lay product down. Has an Allen Bradley Logix5561 PLC and Allen Bradley Kinetix 6000 servo controllers. 6.5cfm @ 80psi. 3/60/480V. Was last running a 12 pack carton of an 8oz nutritional drink at 83 packs per minute.

    Offer 150987

    Zalkin Fowler


    List all items of this typeCappers

    in Bottling Equipment

    1 19,000.00 St. Louis, MO
      Fowler Zalkin Capper w/cap feeder
    100MM Caps, Type CA3/480GR - Serial #23016. Used on 3.5 lb. (56 oz.)Jug line.
    Was operating at 60 jugs/min. (but could go faster).

    With Modicon Compact 984-A145 PLC controls.
    Offer 161127



    List all items of this typeHeat Shrink Tunnels

    in Bottling Equipment

    2 Medford, WI
      Heat Tunnel
    Short length heat tunnel used for shrinking wrap on frozen pizzas. Opening size is 15 inches wide by 8 inches high.
    Offer 166246

    PDC International

    Etira HC 12/24

    List all items of this typeBottle Labelers

    in Bottling Equipment

    1 Hollis Center, ME
      Rotary Bottle Sleever
    Idled in Q2 2014. More pictures available upon request.
    Offer 163827



    List all items of this typeHeat Shrink Tunnels

    in Bottling Equipment

    1 F* Waverly, IA
      Sealer and Heat Shrink Tunnel
    Inclues wrapper, sealer, and heat tunnel.

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