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Stockroom Equipment/Fixtures

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    Make Model
    Offer 176089

    Big joe  


    List all items of this typePallet Jacks, Powered

    in Pallet Jacks

    Big joe PDCM20 Walkie
    Big joe PDCM20 Battery Counter Balanced Walkie TRUCK
    2000## Capacity at 24"LC, Lift Height: 106", Lowered Height: 71"
    FREELIFT: 12", Overall Width: 37", Overall Length: 52 3/8" Plus FORKS
    42" Forks, 24VOLT Battery Pack, Built in Auto Charger/Timer
    Offer 176090



    List all items of this typePallet Jacks, Powered

    in Pallet Jacks

    Komatsu Walkie Pallet Truck
    Komatsu MWL25-1A low Lift Walkie Pallet TRUCK
    5000## Capacity, SB175 Battery Connector, 27" X 48" FORKS
    10.5"X5" Rubber Drive Tire, 3.25"X6" Poly Load Wheels, Hourmeter
    battery Compartment, Curtis 1205X PMC Speed Control, Operator Handle, Bdi, 6V85-13 12V Battery, 1PF6-475 12V Single Phase Charger
    rep. 65-1040
    Offer 177974



    List all items of this typePallet Jacks, Powered

    in Pallet Jacks

    Hyster W40Z Forklift
    Hyster W40Z FORKLIFT
    3000 Lb, 24 Volt, Creep Speed Button, Forks: 48", Battery Power Pack, Battery Connector, Tire: 9 X4 Moldeds on Rubber, LBR 48",THIS Unit is Severely Rusted and Would Need new Batteries,Wheels,All the Pull Rods and the Bellcrank Freed up to Even Possibly be Able to Function.the Hourmeter Listed is the Last Known Hour Meter Reading on This Unit as it is not Functional Currently

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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Stockroom Equipment/Fixtures:
    Big Joe, Hyster, Komatsu