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    Offer 190199
    ARC-O5P-L-Frame Bore Cladding System(Houston,Tx.) Bid Closes 05/27/2017 4pm CST 

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    1 N* Houston, Texas
    ARC-O5P-L-Frame Bore Cladding System(Houston,Tx.) Bid Closes 05/27/2017 4pm CST
    ARC-O5P-L-Frame Bore Cladding System (Houston,Tx.)
    Bid Closes 05/27/2017 4pm 
    Contact Darrel Youngblood
    Ph: 281-771-5066  Fax:1-832-442-4797

    Qty 1- ARC-O5P-L-Frame Bore Cladding System
              200 Hours Of Use  SN# 4156-20923

    Site Will Load, PPE: Hard Hat Safety Glasses, Steel Toed Shoes.
    Buyer will comply with Sellers on site procedures and policies. 
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