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Welding Equipment

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    Offer 164004

    Welding Equipment (Torrance, CA) IRG-14-032D2

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    in Welders

    1 Houston, TX
      Welding Equipment (Torrance, CA) IRG-14-032D2
    For questions regarding this material, please contact Carlton Jones at 225-287-8656 or at

    Site address: 3700 West 190th Street, Torrance, California. (Visitor Center Location)

    Buyer Requirements
    To view the equipment the buyer must call Carlton Jones 24 hours in advance.
    1. Fire Retardant Clothing is a requirement
    2. SAFETY glasses must be worn at all times
    3. 15 minute safety video must be viewed before entry then ask for Michael Vincent.

    Load Out Requirements
    Our client will load the equipment on your FLAT bed truck (See trucking Rules).
    1. Please allow 4 hours to load the equipment.
    2. Driver must arrive to GATE # 1 and contact Michael Vincent.

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