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    Make Model
    Compressor CP535 

    List all items of this typeRotary compressors

    in Large-Scale Air Compressors

    1 25,000.00 F* Deepwater, NJ
    Compressor CP535
    CP535 Air Compressor
    Location: VC8
    # IDSM355301 66LR
    Refrigerant: R22
    Valume Ratio 2.2 - 3.0
    Max driver speed - 3600 RPM
    Max allowable pressure - 350 psig
    Year of MFR: 2007

    Ingersoll Rand  


    List all items of this typeAir Compressors - Other

    in Air Compressors

    1 0.00 F* Bloomfield, MO
    Ingersoll Rand Air Filter
    Model NLM-1500 Air filter, 1500 CFM.
    Used Clark Isopac Model 6-3-2 air compressor 

    List all items of this typeAxial Flow Air Compressors

    in Large-Scale Air Compressors

    1 F* Nashville, TN
    Used Clark Isopac Model 6-3-2 air compressor
    Clark Isopac@ model 6-3-2 three stage water cooled centrifugal air compressor, capacity 7100 SCFM at 120 psig output, with a 2000 HP electric motor, 2300 volt, three phase.  The serial number is 6-3-3215R.  The unit has two water-to-air intercoolers, and a dual pump oil lubrication system. Separately mounted controls include a CCC (Compressor Controls Corp.) controller to manage the inlet valve and blowoff valve, a relay based interlock system, and an Allen Bradley PLC that can also be used for interlocking and communicating to other control systems. An Allen Bradley 2300 volt vacuum contactor starter is used to start and stop the unit. 

    current condiotn - We had been running this unit up until March of this year.  It had an issue with a tube leak on a separately mounted after cooler that allowed water to back up into the unit and trip it out on high vibration. We subsequently disassembled the compressor section to check for damage, before we decide to not put the machine back in service, 

    age - 1974

    Ingersoll Rand  


    List all items of this typeRotary compressors

    in Large-Scale Air Compressors

    2 F* Deepwater, NJ
    Used Ingersoll Rand Model H100 Sierra Air Compressor
    Ingersoll Rand Model H100 Sierra Air Compressor, 100 hp oil free, rotary screw, 400 scfm @65/125 psig, come with dessicant dryers and air receivers, air cooled, serial # TS2095U01115 and TS2096U01128, age 2001, both compressors are seized. Good for parts.

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    Ingersoll Rand