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    Make Model
    Offer 179078

    General Electric  

    GE MS6001B DLN-1 

    List all items of this typeIndustrial Gas Turbines (<50MW)

    in Gas Plant Equipment

    1 F* Texas City, Texas
    Gas Turbine

    Turbine includes the following:
    Air Cooled Generator 336X482
    GE Gas Turbine 296624

    Air Filter Housing 
    GTG 51 Controls
    GTG 51 Spare parts
    Auxillaries: Lube Oil Skid, Starting Motor, Starting Motor Gearbox,
    Exciter and Exciter to Gen Gearbox.

    Offer 179614

    General Electric  


    List all items of this typeIndustrial Gas Turbines (<50MW)

    in Gas Plant Equipment

    1 F* Stade, Lower Saxony
    Natural Gas Turbine - General Electric - 35,500kw

    Location: Stade, Germany

    General Electric

    Model: LM5000                               

    Serial: 474-111, 474-113, 474-118, 474-156

    Power output: 35,500 KW = 47,500 PS = 37,5MW (non-STIG / 50Hz nor 60Hz Generator Set).

    Fuel type: Natural Gas with NOx-Water / Natural Gas-Hydrogen mix with NOx-Water / Kerosene.

    RPM: Low pressure compressor with five-stage axial-flow and pressure ratio of 2.5:1 with a speed range of 1200 - 3800 rpm.  High pressure compressor with 14 stage axial-flow and pressure ratio of 12:1 with a speed range of 7000 - 10,300 rpm.

    Orientation of use:  Industrial Power Generation nor Mechanical Drive duty (Marine propulsion nor Oil platform).

    Shaft configuration: Two Spool engine (LP and HP-shaft).

    Bearing: Six roller and two ball thrust of M-50 steel.

    Cooling mechanism:  Ambient air

    Year of manufacture:    474-111 (First fire 01/24/1984)

    474-113 (First fire 03/13/1985)

    474-118 (First fire 05/22/1986)

    474-156 (First fire 02/03/2007)

    With End of Operation on December 2014.

    Condition:  used, serviceable

    Dimensions:  length x width x height: 528 x 244 x 244cm / weight: 5,123Kg

    Refurbished or overhauled:              

    474-111 ( Time Since New: 186,961 hours / Time Since Overhaul {in 2013}: 9,098 hours / Starts: 471 )

    474-113 ( Time Since New: 181,847 hours / Time Since Overhaul {in 2010}: 23,068 hours / Starts: 390 )

    474-118 ( Time Since New: 167,419 hours / Time Since Overhaul {in 2012}: 17,864 hours / Starts: 373 )

    474-156 ( Time Since New:   49,071 hours / Time Since Overhaul {in 2012}: 8,824 hours / Starts: 1,360 )


    Other: Each engine is fully Equipped with all accessories like Manifolds (L34361G01/02, L34434G01, L34340G01), Starter (L21474P09) , VG Control (L24913P17) , VG pump (L24922P03) , Lube & Scavange pump (L21289P01) , Hydraulic pump (L28266P02) , Fuel Nozzles (30 pcs. L31476P51), Cooling air Tubes and Instruments (CIT, T44).

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       when document attached
      F* if the item is specially featured
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    General Electric