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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionMax FlowRPMPump MotorInt MaterialDuty-Service#PriceNotes Location
MakeModelMotor Power
»l/m  GPM(RPM)»kW  HP$
203496 Centrifugal Pump
Centrifugal Pump:

Alpha Laval Centrifugal Pumps

2 each offered- Serial's-0054288 and 0054287

1 Pump Assembled- $650

1 Pump not assembled  $500

Motor: 10HP Frame-215TC

See PDF attached

Condition: Used/Rebuilt 2013

The LKH PF is a high pressure , high efficiency centrifugal pump ideally suited for high pressure filtration applications.

  • Pumps up to 1,200 GPM – built for the most demanding filtration applications
  • Inlet pressures up to 600 PSI and boost pressures of 230 PSI – higher pressures reduce the number of pumps required and minimize your installation costs


1 lot 1,150.31 F* Kingsport, Tennessee
219569 Durco MK31,800200.000 1 12,503.35 F* Kingsport, Tennessee
208699 Flowserve LF-8 Pump
Flowserve LF-8 Pump:

Flowserve LF-8 Pump

Vertical Pump

Model: ESP3

Size: 1E1.5X1LFSP-82 / 5.88

MDP: 275 PSI@100F 

Curve Number: MII7066V


HP: 10, RPM: 3600, Frame: 215TC, 3/60/230-460V, Vertical Footless, Inverter Duty

Material of Construction: Stainless Steel-Column & Discharge Pipe

Length: 10' Pit Depth

Drawing Attached

1 3,000.80 F* Kingsport, Tennessee
235115 Prominent DLTA0280PVT2000U1C130ENO 1 Tarragona, Catalonia
235116 Prominent DLTA0450PVT2000UIC030ENO 1 Tarragona, Catalonia
235112 Prominent DLTA073ONPE0000U1C130ENO 1 Tarragona, Catalonia
235117 Prominent GMXA0708PPE20001C1300EN01EN 1 Tarragona, Catalonia
235118 Prominent GMXA0715PPE20001C1300EN01EN 1 Tarragona, Catalonia
235119 Prominent GMXA0715PPE20001C1300EN01EN 1 Tarragona, Catalonia
235106 Prominent MDLA100600TTT0001C030ENO 1 Tarragona, Catalonia
235105 Prominent S1CBH0742PVTS070U181OSOEN 1 Tarragona, Catalonia
235107 Prominent S3CBH120145PVTS000U18510SOEN 1 Tarragona, Catalonia

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