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in FT-IR Spectrometers
Deal directly with Owner:  Catalyst Equipment Corporation of Plano, Texas
Item ID: 225795

Offered 1 Offered at $ 110,000.00

Bio-Rad QS-1200 FT-IR Spectrometer

BIORAD QS-1200 Automated FT-IR Spectrometer

  • Non-Destructive Measurement of Epitaxial Silicon Films
  • PIKE TECHNOLOGIES MAP300 Automatic Scanning Stage
    • Manual Loading for up to 300mm Wafers
    • 320 Test Points, 5mm Minimum Edge Exclusion & 3D Wafer Mapping
  • FTS-175 Optical Bench
    • Dynamically Tuned Beam Splitter
    • NKBr Beam Splitter
    • Dual Frequency IR Source
    • Upgraded HeNe Laser
  • System Control PC with Windows XP, 320G HD & 1G RAM
    • Win-IR Pro (Rev. 2.51) Application Software
    • QS-500 Epi (Rev. 1.31) Application Software
    • Microsoft Access Database Application
  • System Software, Applications Software & Site Preparation Manuals Included
  • Refurbished & Fully Functional
Bio-Rad QS-1200 FT-IR Spectrometer

Location: Plano, Texas
Unit Price $ 110,000.00
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Bio-Rad
Model QS-1200
Wafer Size Range 
  Minimum 75 mm
  Maximum 200 mm
Wafer Mapping YES
Scanning Stage YES
Controller Type PC Controller Type

Pike Technology MappIR Programmable Stage

Condition Excellent
Refurbished YES
Power Requirements 120 V     1¬†Phase

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Catalyst Equipment Corporation
Plano , Texas

Deal directly with Owner:  Catalyst Equipment Corporation of Plano, Texas