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in Critical Dimension Scanning Electron Microscopes
Deal directly with Owner:  Catalyst Equipment Corporation of Plano, Texas
Item ID: 35762

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Hitachi S-7000

CD SEM Measurement Tool
Hitachi S-7000
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Location: Plano, TX
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Hitachi
Model S-7000
Wafer Size Range 
  Minimum 100 mm
  Maximum 150 mm
  Set Size 150 mm
Resolution 150.00 Å
Acceleration Voltage 
  Maximum Voltage 3 kV
Critical Dimension Measurement Range 0.10 µm  -  200.00 µm
CD Measurement Resolution 150  Å  (15 nm)
Cassette to Cassette YES
Tilting Stage YES
Gun Type Field Emission
Other Information 
  • Cassette-to-Cassette Handling for 4”, 5” & 6” Wafers
  • 100X ~ 100,000X Magnification
  • 0.1 ~ 200 µm Measurement Range
  • 15 nm Guaranteed (at 1 kV) Secondary Electron Image Resolution
  • ± 0.02 µm or ±1%, whichever is greater, Reproducibility
  • 0.7 ~ 3 kV (100 V/step)
  • Auto-Focus and Auto-Stigmation
  • Fully Automated CD Measurement
  • Fully Programmable Stage with up to 60° Tilt
  • Multi Point Measurement Capability
Year of Manufacture 1989
Condition Good

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Catalyst Equipment Corporation
Plano , Texas

Deal directly with Owner:  Catalyst Equipment Corporation of Plano, Texas