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Roots Pumps

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPumping SpeedUltimate PressInlet FlangeDry Pump#PriceNotes Location
»l/m  CFM»mbar  torr»in  mm$
151658 Aerzen GLB 16.13 HV 3 Scotia, New York
89960 Alcatel RSV 350176.91.50E-4ISO-F100.0 1 1,500.00 Scotia, New York
4485 Balzers WKP5007.50E4ISO-F100.0YES 1 4,500.00 Scotia, New York
163953 Edwards EH1200601.07.50E-3ISO-K160.0 2 Scotia, New York
3538 Edwards EH250220.07.50E-4ISO-K63.0 2 4,250.00 Scotia, New York
167778 Edwards EH500AISO-F100.0 2 4,100.00 Scotia, New York
39983 Edwards QMB500F250.17.00E-4100.0 1 4,900.00 Scotia, New York
3533 Leybold WAU250169.0ASA76.2 1 3,900.00 Scotia, New York
6340 Leybold WAU501341.03.00E-2ISO-K63.0 1 5,000.00 Scotia, New York
3537 Leybold WS150100.01.00E-4ASA76.2 1 3,500.00 Scotia, New York
700 Leybold WS500330.01.00E-4ASA76.2 4 Scotia, New York
3556 Leybold WS501297.06.00E-4ISO-K63.0 2 Scotia, New York
108244 Leybold WSU151ASA76.2 3 4,400.00 Scotia, New York
3554 Leybold WSU151108.11.00E-4ASA76.2 3 Scotia, New York
3107 Leybold WSU501297.01.00E-5ISO-K63.0 1 6,250.00 Scotia, New York
149502 Stokes Vacuum 6223,900.0ASA203.2 1 Scotia, New York

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Roots Pumps:
Aerzen, Alcatel, Balzers, Edwards, Leybold, Stokes Vacuum