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Vacuum Throttle Valves

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionValve ActuationFlange TypeFlange SizeValve Material #PriceNotes Location
»in  mm$
152353 HVA 31810-2401-001Electro-PneumtcISO-F609.60SS 1 Scotia, NY
18710 Meivac Inc. CVQ-10-ASA-U-SMElectricASA254.00AL 1 2,800.75 Scotia, New York
66714 Meivac Inc. CVQ-6-ASA-U-SMElectricASA152.40AL 1 2,500.67 Scotia, New York
212059 Meivac Inc. VQ 250 ISO H SMMotorizedISO-K250.00AL 1 Scotia, New York
152334 Meivac Inc. VQ-100-USMCBCMotorizedISO-K100.00AL 1 Scotia, New York
186712 Meivac Inc. VQ-6-ASA-U-MKManualASA152.40AL 1 Scotia, New York
54360 MKS Instruments 153D-15006MotorizedKF50.00SS 1 1,350.36 Scotia, New York
236958 MKS Instruments 153D-3-80-2MotorizedISO-F80.00SS 4 Scotia, New York
34477 MKS Instruments 253A-1-40-2-SElectricKF39.88SS 1 900.24 Scotia, New York
64235 MKS Instruments 253A-10-10-2SPElectricASA254.00SS 3 1,650.44 Scotia, New York
97965 MKS Instruments 253A-3-2-2ElectricASA80.00SS 4 975.26 Scotia, New York
97966 MKS Instruments 253A-3-3-2ElectricASA77.00SS 1 1,125.30 Scotia, New York
156209 MKS Instruments 253A-4-100-1-SMotorizedISO-F100.00SS 3 1,200.32 F* Scotia, New York
169769 MKS Instruments 253A-4-3-2ElectricASA101.60SS 1 Scotia, New York
243007 MKS Instruments 253A-60-63-2ElectricInsertable63.00SS 1 950.25 Scotia, New York
102732 MKS Instruments 253B-11328Motorized101.60SS 1 1,250.33 Scotia, New York
163802 MKS Instruments 253B-60-63-1ElectricInsertable63.00SS 1 950.25 Scotia, New York
74398 MKS Instruments 4530-0060 - Heating Jacket 1 550.15 Scotia, New York
169009 MKS Instruments 653A-4-3-1MotorizedASA76.20SS 1 Scotia, NY
107350 MKS Instruments 653B-25441MotorizedJIS250.00SS 2 2,600.70 Scotia, New York
134002 MKS Instruments 653B-4-100-1MotorizedOther98.68SS 1 1,950.52 F* Scotia, New York
169010 MKS Instruments 653B-4-3-1MotorizedASA76.20SS 1 Scotia, New York
107290 MKS Instruments 653B-8-200J-2MotorizedJIS200.00SS 2 Scotia, New York
54425 MKS Instruments 683B-15473MotorizedISO-F100.00SS 5 1,750.47 Scotia, New York
102717 MKS Instruments 683B-22643MotorizedISO-F100.00SS 3 1,950.52 Scotia, New York
92155 Vacuum General MDV040ASA101.60SS 1 950.25 Scotia, New York
42411 VAT 20046-XA44PneumaticISO-F200.00AL 1 4,951.33 Scotia, New York

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HVA, Meivac Inc., MKS Instruments, Inc., Vacuum General, VAT