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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes Location
57103 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-03394Oth Semi Eq Parts in ALL CATEGORIES... 2 Hudson, NY
57102 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-03639BRACKET, Z-AXIS CABLE 1 Hudson, NY
57090 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-04282BRKT, PANEL & SUPPORT STORAGE 1 Hudson, NY
57097 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-09818BRACKET FRONT MOUNTING 1 Hudson, NY
57099 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-09898BRACKET HINGE SIDE UPPER 8 Hudson, NY
57095 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-09899BRACKET HINGE SIDE LOWER 8 Hudson, NY
57093 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-10778BRACE MANOMETER - POS A,B,D 1 Hudson, NY
57096 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-10780END CAP BRACE MANOMETER R.31 1 Hudson, NY
57086 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-10973Bracket, L Chamber, Clamp, SACVD 2 Hudson, NY
57083 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-14419Bracket 1 Hudson, NY
57084 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-37065Bracket 2 Hudson, NY
57085 Applied Materials Mfr*0020-37439Bracket 2 Hudson, NY
57091 Applied Materials Mfr*0021-07574Bracket, Interface, LLA Side SMIF 1 new 1... 1 Hudson, NY
57098 Applied Materials Mfr*0040-14312BRACKET 1 Hudson, NY
78157 Applied Materials OEM*0020-10228BRKT RT ROBOT INTER PCB 1 Hudson, NY
78531 Applied Materials OEM*0020-10229-RBRKT LT ROBOT INTER PCB 1 Hudson, NY
89265 Applied Materials OEM*0020-10660BRKT DOOR STOP 2 34.01 Hudson, NY
104258 Applied Materials OEM*0020-23919Plate 1 Hudson, NY
104259 Applied Materials OEM*0020-31766BRACKET, CENTERED FILTER OPTICS 1 110.03 Hudson, NY
104260 Applied Materials OEM*0020-36252BRACKET PNEUMATIC MANIFOLD CENTURA 1 95.03 Hudson, NY
104261 Applied Materials OEM*0020-37270Brackets 4 Hudson, NY
104262 Applied Materials OEM*0020-40160BRACKET 4 10.75 Hudson, NY
104263 Applied Materials OEM*0020-76473BRKT, GEN RACK, FLOOR MOUNT 8 Hudson, NY
104264 Applied Materials OEM*0020-76474BRKT, GEN RACK, CONNECTOR PLATE 2 23.01 Hudson, NY
104265 Applied Materials OEM*0020-76954BRACKET CLAMP 4 11.50 Hudson, NY
104266 Applied Materials OEM*0021-02684BRACKET, SLD 6 Hudson, NY
104267 Applied Materials OEM*0021-03103Bracket, Shipping Restraint 5 Hudson, NY
104268 Applied Materials OEM*0021-07573BRACKET, INTERFACE, LLB SIDE, SMIF 1 245.07 Hudson, NY
89287 Applied Materials OEM*0021-10058CLAMP ADAPTER TUBING 1/4",OZONATOR 1 29.01 Hudson, NY
89291 Applied Materials OEM*0021-21857PLATE, MOUNTING, PNEU CYL/MOTOR LIFT 1 3,513.94 F* Hudson, NY
104269 Applied Materials OEM*0040-09140ENCL CAP MANOMETER BOARD BW 1 1,397.87 Hudson, NY
104270 Applied Materials OEM*0225-03882BRACKET 4 72.02 Hudson, NY
104272 Axcelis Technologies OEM*0636-0063-00Catch Bracket 18 4.00 Hudson, NY
104277 Burr Industries OEM*2957059Bracket, "C" Rohlix Ass'y 1 135.04 Hudson, NY
104281 Gasonics OEM*A02-082-01Bracket, Front Wafer Support 8 35.01 Hudson, NY
104283 Gasonics OEM*A02-084-03Bracket, Rear Wafer Support, 4" 1 42.01 Hudson, NY
104278 LAM OEM*715-011521-002Bracket, Gas Feed Tube Upper 6 Hudson, NY
104279 LAM OEM*715-011522-002Bracket, Gas Feed Thru Tube 6 16.00 Hudson, NY
104273 Novellus Systems, In OEM*15-106607-01Plate, MTG, 10" OD 1 Hudson, NY
104274 Novellus Systems, In OEM*16-114912-00Bracket, Connector, Phoenix 1 Hudson, NY
104275 Novellus Systems, In OEM*17-157344-00Bracket, Slit Valve 10 Hudson, NY
142089 Semitool Mfr*000M1998-501Bracket Sensor and Carrier Motion Linear 1 Plano, TX
142088 Semitool Mfr*424U0001-05Bracket Shroud Mount Auto Door WT 3 Plano, TX
140493 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*2910-490039-12 Motor Bracket 3 Plano, TX
104276 Unknown OEM*20912-01Bracket, Door Support 1 Hudson, NY
104280 Unknown OEM*9168-04Brackets 4 Hudson, NY
104284 Varian OEM*H0436001Bracket Feeler Resistor 1 44.01 Hudson, NY
93466 WESGO 3A-6769H-0620Bracket 1 Plano, TX

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Brackets:
Applied Materials, Inc., Axcelis Technologies GmbH, Burr Industries, Gasonics, LAM, Novellus Systems, Inc., Semitool, Tokyo Electronics Limited, Unknown, Varian, WESGO