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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes Location
95351 1 1/4" Coupling w/O Ring Gasket1 1/4" Coupling w/O Ring Gasket 31 Plano, TX
107259 3M OEM*3475-1BAILMOUNT, D-RIBBON 2 Hudson, NY
107262 Amphenol OEM*57-40140CONNECTOR, 14P CINCH 2 Hudson, NY
107264 Amphenol OEM*82-61CONNECTOR, M.H.V. 9 Hudson, NY
87301 Applied Materials 0020-38551Aconnector 4 Plano, TX
87316 Applied Materials 0150-3528014pin-37pin round conn. 1 Plano, TX
92995 Applied Materials 1290-01225Terminal Lug Narrow Tong 1/4 Belt 4 12 Plano, TX
107244 Applied Materials OEM*0720-01134Connector Panel Socket 4 3.00 Hudson, NY
107245 Applied Materials OEM*0720-01447CONN HSG PLUG 2 POS MR SERIES NYL 1 0.25 Hudson, NY
107247 Applied Materials OEM*0720-01817CONNECTOR 1 1.25 Hudson, NY
107248 Applied Materials OEM*0720-01939CONN FEMALE SCRLOCK FOR PCB HDF-20 LONG 1 1.50 Hudson, NY
107249 Applied Materials OEM*0720-01998Conn Adptr HN Male to N Female 5 50.01 Hudson, NY
107250 Applied Materials OEM*0720-02112CONN STRN-RLF LIQ-TIGHT .709-1.00"D CABLE NYLON 1 3.00 Hudson, NY
107251 Applied Materials OEM*0720-03184CONN ADPTR COAX N-PLUG/C JACK STEEL 1 87.77 Hudson, NY
107254 Axcelis Technologies OEM*1003-0009-0051Pin Molex MALE 14GA 90 Hudson, NY
107255 Axcelis Technologies OEM*1003-0009-0053Pin Molex FEMALE 14GA 90 Hudson, NY
107269 Burndy Products OEM*SM20M-156Pin Contact 100 Hudson, NY
107270 Burndy Products OEM*SMS2P-1CONNECTOR, 2 PIN 6 Hudson, NY
94989 CAJON SS-4-VCR-VLCConduit Retainer 15 Plano, TX
95363 Hubbell Lighting 94-J0184-00600V, 5 wire Connector 1 Plano, TX
107271 Hughes OEM*WSS0132P08BW502Connector 1 Hudson, NY
107265 LAM OEM*920-009234-Connector SMC 3 Hudson, NY
107240 Molex OEM*03-06-1038Plug 3 Pin Molex - MALE 7 Hudson, NY
107241 Molex OEM*03-06-2033Plug 3 Pin Molex - FEM 7 Hudson, NY
107242 Molex OEM*03-09-1061Plug 6 Pin Molex - MALE 7 Hudson, NY
107243 Molex OEM*03-09-2061Plug 6 Pin Molex FEMALE 10 Hudson, NY
107253 Ramo OEM*0996-0001-00Connector, Scanner Feed Thru 2 Hudson, NY
96112 Supercon RS50YRecept. 50A, 250VAC, Female 6 Plano, TX
107258 SwitchCraft OEM*29-F-967Connector Edge Cinch 50 1 Hudson, NY
107266 SwitchCraft OEM*A3MConnector Liquid Level (3 Cond Inline, Male Plug) 4 3.75 Hudson, NY
93654 Texas Instruments 4612665-0001Wire Loom T/C Type J Hot Pots 7 Plano, TX
107237 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*030-003544-1Connector Part 206062-1 Cable Clamp 1 Hudson, NY
107238 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*030-004301-1Connector 1 Hudson, NY
107239 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*030-005248-1Connector Round 1 Hudson, NY
107267 Trompeter Electronic OEM*BJ74-9 BLBFH7401Concentric Twinax Connectors 1 Hudson, NY
107260 TYCO OEM*554090-1CONNECTOR, 50P RIB FEMALE 6 Hudson, NY
107263 TYCO OEM*616-CG1HEADER, 16P PLUG ASSEM 66 Hudson, NY
107268 Unknown OEM*IRC-53AConnector Terminal 9 Hudson, NY
107257 Varian OEM*2114032Connector Winchester 18 2 Hudson, NY
93459 Waldom 03 06 10323-Pin Connector Housing in Packs of 10 23 Plano, TX

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Electrical Connectors:
3M, Amphenol, Applied Materials, Inc., Axcelis Technologies GmbH, Burndy Products, CAJON, Hubbell Lighting, Hughes, LAM, Molex , Ramo, Supercon, SwitchCraft, Texas Instruments, Tokyo Electronics Limited, Trompeter Electronic, TYCO, Unknown, Varian, Waldom