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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPitchNumber Of TeethBelt WidthBelt LengthTensileStrengthMax Optg Speed#PriceNotes Location
»cm  in»cm  in»kg  lb(RPM)$
87362 Applied Materials 3080-01063 2 Plano, TX
87381 Applied Materials 3610-01041 2 F* Plano, TX
102951 Applied Materials In OEM*3080-01006
Applied Materials In Part Number 3080-01006:
Belt, Timing, .0816 Pitch 1/8 W, 77 tooth Polyurethane
6 Hudson, NY
102299 Applied Materials In OEM*3080-01031
Applied Materials In Part Number 3080-01031:
BELT TMG 75T 3MMP 6MMW Pulyurethane belt with Kevlar Cords (Replaces AMAT 3080-01031)
4 6.50 Hudson, New York
102950 Applied Materials In OEM*3080-01035
Applied Materials In Part Number 3080-01035:
Belt Timing, .082 Pitch 1/8 wide, 90G, Alum. No-walk 7.344pd
6 F* Hudson, NY
102949 Applied Materials In OEM*3080-01038
Applied Materials In Part Number 3080-01038:
Belt,Timing .080 pitch 1/4"W, 90 tooth Urethane body
1 Hudson, NY
91481 Applied Materials OEM*3080-010270.080"(MXL)85 16 Hudson, NY
99159 Applied Materials OEM*3080-010630.200"(XL)0.37 1 10.75 Hudson, NY
99161 Applied Materials OEM*3080-01124 2 5.84 Hudson, NY
102945 Bando USA Inc. Mfr*70A25NA
Bando USA Inc Part Number 70A25NA:
Timing Belt Throttle Valve
9 Hudson, NY
149244 Bando USA Inc. OEM*60-53M564 5 Plano, TX
149222 Bando USA Inc. OEM*60-53M882 1 Plano, TX
149216 Bando USA Inc. OEM*60-S3M144 5 Plano, TX
149213 Bando USA Inc. OEM*60-S3M156 1 Plano, TX
147306 Dayco OEM*187L050 8 Plano, TX
102946 Novellus Systems, In OEM*04-710176-01
Novellus Systems, In Part Number 04-710176-01:
Belt, Timing, 250 GR
1 Hudson, NY
102947 Novellus Systems, In OEM*20-489161-00
Novellus Systems, In Part Number 20-489161-00:
Belt, Timing, 27
1 Hudson, NY
102952 Stock Drive Products Sup*A 6B 3-060037
Stock Drive Products Part Number A 6B 3-060037:
BELT TMG 1/5P 3/8W 60T Urethane/Kevlar,12.0PL
22 F* Hudson, NY
149220 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*384-3GT-9 4 Plano, TX
102948 Unknown OEM*720-8M-30
Unknown Part Number 720-8M-30:
1 Hudson, NY

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Applied Materials Inc., Applied Materials, Inc., Bando USA Inc, Dayco, Novellus Systems, Inc., Stock Drive Products, Tokyo Electronics Limited, Unknown