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Dry Boxes

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionBox ConstructnChamber SizeCompartments#PriceNotes Location
»cm  in»cm  in»cm  in$
179208 Aerofeed, Ltd. 1 F* Plano, TX
99468 Air Control Inc. Plexiglss-Amber17.5015.508.253 1 305.08 Scotia, NY
186460 Boekel 1340SST11.5010.0012.001 1 600.16 F* Scotia, New York
179209 Contamination Contrl 21.5013.3813.50 10 Plano, TX
129750 Contamination Contrl NonePlexiglass8.6311.5010.001 1 220.06 Scotia, New York
152746 Contamination Contrl NonePlexiglass17.5017.508.502 1 450.12 Scotia, New York
191701 DCA UnknownSST32.7518.0014.505 5 2,750.74 Scotia, New York
191766 Descon International UnknownPlexiglass17.5017.508.003 2 Scotia, New York
191787 DESICCATOR DRY BOX SINGLE COMPARTMENTAcrylic8.7516.0010.251 1 Scotia, New York
203294 DMS Acrylic23.2513.5011.252 1 Scotia, New York
203297 DMS Acrylic23.2517.2511.252 1 Scotia, New York
159900 DMS Desiccator Dry BoxPlexiglass23.0017.5011.252 1 450.12 F* Scotia, New York
203299 Laminaire Acrylic17.5017.508.502 2 Scotia, New York
203300 Laminaire Acrylic23.5017.2511.502 1 Scotia, New York
173234 Liberty Ind Inc NonePlexiglss-Amber12.0012.0012.002 1 550.15 Scotia, New York
231883 McDRY MCU-580Other32.6028.7031.70 1 Scotia, New York
143067 Terra Universal Plexiglass26.0024.0035.503 1 Plano, TX
184907 Terra Universal 1679-06A-100591SST22.0020.5030.001 1 Scotia, New York
169697 Terra Universal 1911-16CAcrylic16.3810.7517.502 1 Scotia, New York
117043 Terra Universal 1944-02 3 65.02 Scotia, New York
154149 Terra Universal 4014-00APlexiglass24.0014.0015.008 1 7,001.88 F* Scotia, New York
127363 Terra Universal 714-526-0100 6 85.02 Scotia, New York
132276 Terra Universal 9302-01- 1 Plano, TX
195006 Terra Universal Inc. 1911-18DAcrylic20.8823.5012.002 1 950.25 Scotia, New York
209732 Terra Universal Inc. 1911-45AAcrylic16.5017.5011.50 1 Scotia, New York
209636 Terra Universal Inc. 1922-00Plexiglass16.5020.5011.754 1 Scotia, New York
206650 Terra Universal Inc. 1922-00Acrylic16.5020.5011.75 3 825.22 Scotia, New York
209534 Terra Universal Inc. 1944-00Plexiglass 1 Scotia, New York
209418 Terra Universal Inc. 1946-00Acrylic11.5011.5011.502 2 Scotia, New York
203257 Terra Universal Inc. 1946-00Acrylic11.5011.5011.502 1 Scotia, New York
203301 Terra Universal Inc. 1962-00Plexiglss-Amber23.5016.0012.002 1 Scotia, New York
209659 Terra Universal Inc. 2066-00Static Dis PVC17.5017.508.502 1 Scotia, New York
197490 Terra Universal Inc. 3950-21AStatic Dis PVC9.759.2511.501 1 350.09 Scotia, New York
203256 Terra Universal Inc. FaraccatorPlexiglass14.7518.7512.001 1 Scotia, New York
56145 Versatile Plastic 13.5"x11.5"x12.5"13.5011.5012.50 2 Plano, TX

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Dry Boxes:
Aerofeed, Ltd., Air Control Inc., Boekel Scientific, Contamination Control Inc, DCA, Descon International, DMS, Laminaire, Liberty Industries Inc, McDRY, Terra Universal Inc., Versatile Plastic