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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes Location
115742 Motorola OEM*2N6038TRANSISTOR, 2N6038 5 Hudson, NY
115747 Motorola OEM*MJ11033TRANSISTOR, MJ11033 1 Hudson, NY
115750 National OEM*NSD105TRANSISTOR, NSD105 21 Hudson, NY
115751 National OEM*NSD203TRANSISTOR, NSD203 57 Hudson, NY
115757 ST Microelectronics OEM*TIP29CTRANSISTOR, TIP29 4 Hudson, NY
115753 Switchcraft Inc. Mfr*NTE185 2N4920Transistor NTE185 2N4920 20 Hudson, NY
115736 Unknown Mfr*2N3904Transistor 2N3904 175 Hudson, NY
115745 Unknown Mfr*BUZ71ATRANSISTOR, BUZ71A 4 Hudson, NY
115746 Unknown Mfr*EGG67Transistor EGG67 Mosfet 5 Hudson, NY
115752 Unknown Mfr*NTE159 UES2601Transistor NTE159 UES2601 5 Hudson, NY
115755 Unknown Mfr*SK3996Transistor SK3996 11 Hudson, NY
115730 Unknown OEM*08F5605TRANSISTOR, 2N4391 5 Hudson, NY
115731 Unknown OEM*2N1711TRANSISTOR, 2N1711 5 Hudson, NY
115732 Unknown OEM*2N2221TRANSISTOR, 2N2221 29 Hudson, NY
115733 Unknown OEM*2N3053TRANSISTOR, 2N3053 37 Hudson, NY
115734 Unknown OEM*2N3440TRANSISTOR, 2N3440 7 Hudson, NY
115735 Unknown OEM*2N3640TRANSISTOR, 2N3640 54 Hudson, NY
115737 Unknown OEM*2N4918TRANSISTOR, 2N4918 64 Hudson, NY
115738 Unknown OEM*2N4921TRANSISTOR, 2N4921 5 Hudson, NY
115739 Unknown OEM*2N5306TRANSISTOR, 2N5306 3 Hudson, NY
115740 Unknown OEM*2N5769TRANSISTOR, NPN 50 Hudson, NY
115741 Unknown OEM*2N5911TRANSISTOR, 2N5911 40 Hudson, NY
115743 Unknown OEM*2N6043TRANSISTOR, 2N6043 18 Hudson, NY
115744 Unknown OEM*2N6054TRANSISTOR, 2N6054 8 Hudson, NY
115748 Unknown OEM*MJE2955TTRANSISTOR, MJE2955T 4 Hudson, NY
115754 Unknown OEM*SK3977TRANSISTOR, 2N4340 18 Hudson, NY
115756 Unknown OEM*SK9085TRANSISTOR, SK9085 2 Hudson, NY
115758 Unknown OEM*TIP35TRANSISTOR, TIP35 5 Hudson, NY

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Transistors:
Motorola, National, RF Parts, ST Microelectronics, Switchcraft Inc., Unknown