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Curing Lamps

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionDescriptionLamp Type & Pwr#PriceNotes Location
3780 Efos 100Curing LampHigh pressure mercury 100W 2 900.00 F* Scotia, NY
3713 Efos ACTICURE A4000UV/Visible Spot Cure SystemMercury Vapor Short Arc, 100W 9 1,300.00 F* Scotia, New York
111695 Efos N2000UV/Visible Spot Cure SystemMercury Vapor Short Arc, 100W 4 1,875.00 Scotia, NY
10431 Efos Novacure N2001-AUV/Visible Spot Cure SystemMercury Vapor Short Arc, 100W 5 1,800.00 Scotia, NY
3729 Efos NOVACURE N2001-A1UV/Visible Spot Cure SystemMercury Vapor Short Arc, 100W 21 F* Scotia, New York
225 Electrolite Corp ELC600UV Curing SystemMercury, 200 Watt 1 Scotia, New York
55104 Lesco 3SR-6Three Station Rotating UV Curing SystemElectrodeless bulb/1800W 1 F* Scotia, NY
62607 Lesco MK IIIHigh Intensity UV Spot Curing System -- New Sur...Mercury Vapor Short Arc, 100 Watt 1 3,200.00 Scotia, New York

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Curing Lamps:
Efos, Electrolite Corporation, Lesco