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Pressure Gauges

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes Location
147872 Ashcroft OEM*713-06 Pressure Gauge 1 F* Plano, TX
107187 Dwyer OEM*2000-00AVMagnehelic Gauge 0 - 0.25 in. H2O 20 42.01 F* Hudson, NY
107189 Dwyer OEM*2010Magnehelic Gauge 0 - 10.0 in. H2O 7 Hudson, NY
107191 Dwyer OEM*3000-00Photohelic Gauge 0 - 0.25 in. H2O 7 135.04 Hudson, NY
107192 Dwyer OEM*3001CPHOTOHELIC GAGE0-1.0" 25PSIG MAX 5 Hudson, NY
149419 Manostar OEM*FR51Gauge 1 Plano, TX
107194 McDaniel OEM*Q3BU1/4"NPT, PM, CB, U-CLAMP 1 Hudson, NY
149540 NoShok OEM*-30-100PSI Pressure Gauge 1 Plano, TX
107190 NoShok OEM*25.410, -30"WC/60PSiGauge, Vacuum 1 Hudson, NY
140001 Optec OEM*DPG-102 Digital Pressure Gauge 1 Plano, TX
147763 Plast-O-Matic OEM*GGMUEP100-PF-A2 VALVE - Ultra-Pure PVDF Guage ... 5 Plano, TX
141955 QED OEM*1500-182-00 100 psi Pressure Gauge 4 Plano, TX
107186 Semi-Gas Systems Inc OEM*Private InformationGauge 0-200 VCR IPS Low 1 135.04 Hudson, NY
150055 SMC OEM*0-.4MPa Pressure Gauge 1 Plano, TX
139939 SMC OEM*G46E-10-02M-UPressure Gauge 1 Plano, TX
149182 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*024-016848-1Pressure Gauge 0-.2MPa 1 Plano, TX
107193 US Gauge OEM*33-20016-00Gauge 0-160 PSI Liquid Filled 2 42.51 Hudson, NY

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Pressure Gauges:
Ashcroft, Dwyer, Manostar, McDaniel, NoShok, Optec, Plast-O-Matic, QED, Semi-Gas Systems Inc, SMC, Tokyo Electronics Limited, US Gauge