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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes Location
139962 Alpine Bearing OEM*SSRIF-1438ZZ

Alpine Bearing SSRIF-1438ZZ Ball...

80 F* Plano, Texas
115722 Applied Materials OEM*26-83078-00Bearing Throttle Valve 5 73.02 Hudson, NY
105585 Applied Materials OEM*3060-01152BRG BALL .250 ID .625 OD .196W RDL 440C SST 1 4.75 Hudson, NY
115720 Axcelis Technologies Mfr*110-007-028Bearing Microslide Bell 1 Hudson, NY
105590 Bruce (BTI) Mfr*7446097Bearing Ball .5 ID x 40 3 Hudson, NY
115718 CGA Corporation OEM*02009006Bearing Linear Slide 8 Hudson, NY
105595 Gasonics OEM*A17-007-01Bearing Door Glide 1 Hudson, NY
105580 GCA/Precision Sci Mfr*056011Bearing Spindle 1 130.03 Hudson, NY
105602 GCA/Precision Sci Mfr*K10115Bearing Nyliner 10 Hudson, NY
105600 MB Manufacturing Mfr*ER16KExtended Ring Steel Ball Bearing w/Locking Collar 1 Hudson, NY
105603 McGill Roller Bearin Mfr*MCF19SBBEARING, 1/2X10-32 CAM FLWR 1 Hudson, NY
105582 Nice Mfr*1607DSBEARING, 7/16X7/8X5/16 SHLD 4 Hudson, NY
105606 NTN Bearing Mfr*R10ZBEARING, 5/8X1-3/8X3/8 SHLD 1 Hudson, NY
105607 NTN Bearing Mfr*R18LLU/2ABEARING, 1-1/8X2-1/8X1/2 SHLD 2 Hudson, NY
147592 NTN Bearing OEM*6206ZBearing Assy 1 Plano, TX
115726 RMB Mfr*RF6016X-A7Bearing SST 6 Hudson, NY
115723 SKF Group Mfr*626-2RSJEMBearing RSR Shuttle 1 Hudson, NY
105588 SNR Machine Co. Mfr*6207J30D43BEARING, 1-3/8X2-7/8X11/16 BAL 2 Hudson, NY
105604 Thompson Mfr*OPN101824SSBall Bushing Linear Bearing 6 Hudson, NY
105613 Thompson Mfr*Super 12DDSuper Ball Bushing Linear Bearing w/Seals 2 Hudson, NY
105593 Thomson Industries Mfr*A101824SSBall Bushing Linear Bearing 2 Hudson, NY
105594 Thomson Industries Mfr*A122026SSPrecision Linear Ball Bushing Bearing 2 Hudson, NY
105605 Thomson Industries Mfr*OPN-122026-SBearing SST Housing 8 52.01 Hudson, NY
105598 Torrington Fafnir Mfr*AS3KBEARING, 3/8X7/8X.2187 BALL SS 6 Hudson, NY
105581 Unknown Mfr*20635-1035-000BEARING, 1/8X1/4X1/4 NDL 2 Hudson, NY
105583 Unknown Mfr*2RSR15MUU+310LMBEARING, LINEAR MODULE CHECKER 3 110.03 Hudson, NY
105584 Unknown Mfr*2RSR9WUU+260L THK AMBEARING, 10-1/4X23/32 DUL SLID 5 175.05 Hudson, NY
105586 Unknown Mfr*6041440Ball Bearing 2 Hudson, NY
105587 Unknown Mfr*608-00002Bearing SNSVG Cybor PU 1 Hudson, NY
105592 Unknown Mfr*746-90156-001

Bearing, Flanged Dbl Shielded

2 Hudson, New York
105608 Unknown Mfr*RBT-2B0-464BEARING, 17MM MOUNTED SUPPORT 2 110.03 Hudson, NY
105609 Unknown Mfr*RBT-2B0-465BEARING, 17MM MOUNTED DBL ROW 2 315.08 Hudson, NY
105610 Unknown Mfr*RSR12WMUU-190LMBEARING, 6X1 SLIDE REG STEEL 9 80.02 Hudson, NY
105611 Unknown Mfr*SKF 1630 DCBEARING, 1-6/8X1-5/8X1/2 SEAL 1 Hudson, NY
115727 Unknown Mfr*SR6SS3Bearing Min Pre 6 Hudson, NY
105612 Unknown Mfr*SSRI1212ZZBEARING, 1/2X6/8X5/32 SHLD 5 Hudson, NY
115728 Unknown Mfr*SSRIF41822Bearing Cyberg Indexer 12 Hudson, NY
105579 Varian OEM*00-667510-00Bearing 1 Hudson, NY
115721 Varian OEM*2551175Bearing Thrust Truck 2 Hudson, NY
105597 Varian OEM*AH09570001Bearing 5/8 RLR DIA. 4 Hudson, NY
105599 Varian OEM*C-12007429Bearing Antirotate 1 92.52 Hudson, NY
105601 Varian OEM*H1156001Bearing Outer Ring 2 F* Hudson, NY

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