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Helium Leak Detectors

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionHi Vac Pmp TypeMin Dect Lk RtMax Dect Lk#PriceNotes Location
197411 Adixen 105842 or 105845 3 Scotia, New York
183212 Adixen ASM 182 TTurbo Pump 4 F* Scotia, New York
186621 Adixen SNC1E1T1 1 425.00 Scotia, New York
183220 Alcatel ASM 180 TD Turbo Pump2.0E-111.00E-1 1 13,500.00 F* Scotia, New York
44813 Alcatel ASM 180 TDTurbo Pump2.0E-111.00E-1 1 Scotia, New York
134367 Alcatel ASM 52Diffusion Pump2.0E-115.00E2 1 6,500.00 Scotia, New York
160265 Alcatel ASM-142-STurbo Pump 1 Scotia, New York
33264 Edwards Spectron 5000Diffusion Pump 3 F* Scotia, New York
55812 Edwards Veeco Spectron 600T (MS-40)Turbo Pump4.0E-111.00E-4 1 14,250.00 F* Scotia, New York
143178 Inficon Module 1000Turbo Pump5.0E-121.00E-1 1 F* Scotia, New York
10723 LEAK CHAMBER 1 400.00 Scotia, New York
34006 LEAK CHAMBER 1 625.00 Scotia, NY
46215 Leybold UL 500Turbo Pump 3 12,950.00 F* Scotia, New York
719 Leybold Ultratest F Probe 2 750.00 Scotia, New York
183216 Oerlikon Leybold Phoenix L300Turbo Pump 2 F* Scotia, New York
185866 Oerlikon Leybold Phoenix L300iTurbo Pump 2 F* Scotia, New York
183223 Oerlikon Leybold Phoenix L300iTurbo Pump 1 F* Scotia, New York
183252 Oerlikon Leybold RC310WL--Remote Control 1 1,200.00 Scotia, New York
135677 Pfeiffer Vacuum HLT 260 QualyTestTurbo Pump 1 Scotia, New York
63883 Vacuum Instr ILD 4000Turbo Pump 1 11,250.00 F* Scotia, New York
62113 Varian 936-40Diffusion Pump4.0E-101.00E0 1 5,750.00 Scotia, New York
139333 Varian 936-70 SPTurbo Pump 1 F* Plano, TX
199056 Varian 979 Turbo Pump5.0E-10 1 N* Scotia, New York
140823 Veeco MS-35T 1 Plano, TX

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Helium Leak Detectors:
Adixen, Alcatel, Edwards, Edwards Veeco, Inficon, Leybold, Oerlikon Leybold, Pfeiffer Vacuum, Vacuum Instrument Corporation, Varian, Veeco Instruments