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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes Location
128982 Aluminum Flag Sensor 15 Plano, TX
138693 Applied Materials OEM*0190-23270Optical Sensor Tranceiver 2 Plano, TX
115475 CGA Corporation Mfr*1486-0085Sensor VVP Dispense 1 Hudson, NY
115470 CGA Corporation OEM*028170G1Sensor Ass'y CWW 1 Hudson, NY
115471 CGA Corporation OEM*056519G1Sensor Ass'y T Stop Arrival 3 Hudson, NY
115472 CGA Corporation OEM*056594G1Sensor Upper Position Ass'y 1 Hudson, NY
105896 CHEM-TEC Mfr*500B-BPSPDTFlow Switch 1 Hudson, NY
115478 Compac Engineering I Mfr*6905100Sensor Bold Level 1 Hudson, NY
105906 Cuttler-Hammer Mfr*E65KFB1DSENSOR, THRU BEAM 3 Hudson, NY
105917 EG & G VACTEC Mfr*VTR16D1SENSOR, OPTICAL 4 Hudson, NY
131768 FTI Mfr*FTP-1612NX6000-GJS-24FTI Flow Sensor FTP-1612NX6000-GJS-... 1 Plano, TX
115480 Gasonics Mfr*115480Sensor Optical Interrupt 1 Hudson, NY
105886 GCA/Precision Sci Mfr*028170G2Sensor Ass'y CW 1 275.00 Hudson, NY
105887 GCA/Precision Sci Mfr*028180G1Sensor Ass'y Gray Code 2 310.00 Hudson, NY
105888 GCA/Precision Sci Mfr*028895G1Photodector Assy 1 125.00 Hudson, NY
105889 GCA/Precision Sci Mfr*031494G1Sensor Ass'y Hall Slide 2 72.50 Hudson, NY
105890 GCA/Precision Sci Mfr*043667G2Sensor Ass'y Light Intergra…. 1 400.00 Hudson, NY
105891 GCA/Precision Sci Mfr*056548G1Sensor Ass'y Capacitive Out 2 375.00 Hudson, NY
105892 GCA/Precision Sci Mfr*056596G1Sensor Ass'y Nitrogen Pressure 1 Hudson, NY
105893 GCA/Precision Sci Mfr*058848G1Sensor Sqre Hot Plate Vacuum 1 390.00 Hudson, NY
105894 GCA/Precision Sci Mfr*059292G1Sensor Small Capac (Prox) 2 475.00 Hudson, NY
105919 GCA/Precision Sci Mfr*WOUAPSSensor Ass'y Capacitive INP 1 44.00 Hudson, NY
105897 HAMLIN ELECTRONICS Mfr*59145-010Sensor, Magnetic 2 Hudson, NY
149412 HAMLIN ELECTRONICS OEM*59135-030Proximity Sensor 1 Plano, TX
105895 Hewlett Packard Mfr*10564AAir Sensor 1 300.00 Hudson, NY
115474 Honeywell Mfr*129464MTube UV Sensor 2 Hudson, NY
105909 Honeywell Mfr*HOA2004-001SENSOR, OPTICAL 2 3.75 Hudson, NY
105907 Keyence Mfr*EM-030Proximity Sensor w/Built-In Amplifiers 58 Hudson, NY
105908 Keyence Mfr*EM-080Proximity Sensor w/Built-In Amplifiers 3 Hudson, NY
142588 Keyence OEM*F-5HAKeyence F-5HA Fiber Optic Sensor He... 6 Plano, TX
137705 Keyence OEM*FS-V11Keyence FS-V11 Fiberoptic Sensor Am... 1 Plano, TX
142451 Keyence OEM*FS-V21RKeyence FS-V21R Fiberoptic Dual Dis... 5 Plano, TX
141958 Omron OEM*73018-08Sensor Capatitive Level Fixed 1 Plano, TX
138346 Omron OEM*E3S-LS5C45Photo Electric Switch 1 Plano, TX
149230 Omron OEM*E3S-LS5C4S Photoelectric Sensor 1 Plano, TX
149289 Omron OEM*EE-SPWD411Photo Micro Sensor 9 Plano, TX
138345 Omron OEM*EE-SPWD411Photo Microsensor 1 Plano, TX
149278 Omron OEM*EE-SPX613Amplified Photomicrosensor 11 Plano, TX
142080 Pepperl+Fuchs OEM*UC2000-30GM-IU-V1 Ultrasonic Sensor 1 Plano, TX
115479 Robitech Inc. Mfr*890-0013Sensor Ass'y T Stop Final 1 Hudson, NY
105884 Robitech Incorporate OEM*00226210Sensor UHP Vacuum 1 80.00 Hudson, NY
139796 RTD Sensor ST-25DGRTD Sensor 3 Plano, TX
143420 Shinyei Kaisha OEM*THP-B4TW Shinyei Kaisha THP-B4TW Temperature... 1 F* Plano, Texas
115473 Silicon Valley Group OEM*109-102Sensor HMDS Liquid Level 4 Hudson, NY
141983 SUNX OEM*EX-13ADSensor 2 Plano, TX
137328 SUNX OEM*EX-13EASUNX Sensor Set PJT/DET EX-13EA WIP... 2 Plano, TX
140215 SUNX OEM*EX-13EPUltra Slim Sensor, Ex-10 Series 2 Plano, TX
141981 SUNX OEM*EX-13EPSensor 1 Plano, TX
142167 SUNX OEM*EX-M2EDSunX EX-M2ED Photoelectric Sensor 3 Plano, TX
142158 SUNX OEM*EX-M2EPSunX EX-M2EP Photoelectric Sensor 4 Plano, TX
105898 Swagelok Mfr*6L-FV4G-FR4-VR4Vertical Flow Sensor 1 Hudson, NY
105902 SwitchCraft Mfr*89F1401Sensor, Actuator Magnetic 1 Hudson, NY
149411 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*036-100573-1Sensor Fiber 1 Plano, TX
149284 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*2986-400515-13CT Cup Sensor Cable (L) 1 Plano, TX
139631 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*2986-460456-11 TEL 2986-460456-11 Sensor, Proximit... 5 Plano, TX
149413 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*B22986-427121-11Sensor, 8 Detect #01 360 1 Plano, TX
149178 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*B22987-447157-12 8 CHP Cover Sensor Parts 11 Plano, TX
140494 Tokyo Electron Ltd OEM*CT2986-404411-12 TEL CT2986-404411-12 Chp Cool In Se... 1 Plano, TX
105912 TT Electronics/Optek Mfr*OPB472T11SENSOR, ORBITRON-SLOTTED OPTO 5 Hudson, NY
115477 Unknown Mfr*55040Sensor Elevator Vertical 1 Hudson, NY
105900 Unknown Mfr*84F231SENSOR, PHOTODARLINGTON 6 Hudson, NY
105904 Unknown Mfr*CN1275-01Sensor Photoreceiver 1 75.00 Hudson, NY
105905 Unknown Mfr*E65HNL7R SERIES A1SENSOR, FIBER OPTIC 6 165.00 Hudson, NY
105910 Unknown Mfr*L14F1 GE#SENSOR, PHOTOTRANSISTOR 18 Hudson, NY
105911 Unknown Mfr*MRD300SENSOR, PHOTOTRANSISTOR 9 Hudson, NY
115482 Unknown Mfr*OPB804Sensor TRW Opto Device 2 Hudson, NY
105913 Unknown Mfr*OPB829ASENSOR, INTERRUPTER 21 Hudson, NY
105916 Unknown Mfr*S28002 SKAN#SENSOR, PHOTO W/LEADS 4 62.50 Hudson, NY
115481 Varian OEM*H2662001Sensor Block Ass'y 1 Hudson, NY

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Sensors:
Applied Materials, Inc., CGA Corporation, CHEM-TEC, Compac Engineering I, Cuttler-Hammer, EG & G VACTEC, EG&G VACTEC, FTI, Gasonics, GCA/Precision Scientific, HAMLIN ELECTRONICS, Hewlett Packard, Honeywell, Keyence, Omron, Pepperl+Fuchs, Robitech Inc., Robitech Incorporated, Shinyei Kaisha, Silicon Valley Group, SUNX, Swagelok, SwitchCraft, Tokyo Electronics Limited, TT Electronics/Optek, Unknown, Varian