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Quick-Connect Fittings

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt DescriptionFlange TypeFlange Size#PriceNotes Location
»in  mm$
107690 Applied Materials In OEM*3300-01235FTG HOSE NIP QDISC 3/8BODY X 3/8FPT BRS EP-SEAL 1 5.25 Hudson, NY
107691 Applied Materials In OEM*3300-01238FTG HOSE CPLG QDISC 3/8BODY X 3/8FPT BRS EP-SEAL 1 11.00 Hudson, NY
107692 Applied Materials In OEM*3300-02629FTG Quick Conn Body 3/8 brass 4 17.75 Hudson, NY
107696 Parker OEM*SH3-63Fitting, Quick Disconnect 2 11.00 Hudson, NY
107697 Parker OEM*SSH2-62YCoupler, Quick Disconnect 3 37.00 Hudson, NY
107698 Parker OEM*SSH2-63YFitting, Quick Disconnect 2 20.00 Hudson, NY
107699 Parker OEM*SSH3-63YFitting, Quick Disconnect 2 20.00 Hudson, NY
107700 Swagelok Company, Th Mfr*SS-QC4-D-400Fitting, Quick Disconnect 1 22.25 Hudson, NY
107702 Swagelok Company, Th Mfr*SS-QC6-B-600K5EFitting, Quick Disconnect 5 53.65 Hudson, NY
107701 Swagelok Company, Th Mfr*SS-QC6-B1-600Fitting, Quick Disconnect 1 37.00 Hudson, NY
107703 Swagelok Company, Th Mfr*SS-QC6-D-600Fitting, Quick Disconnect 1 27.50 Hudson, NY
107704 Swagelok Company, Th OEM*SS-QT2-D-2PFFitting, Stem Quick Disconnect 1 25.00 Hudson, NY
107705 Swagelok Company, Th OEM*SS-QT8-B-8PFFitting, Quick Disconnect 3 80.00 Hudson, NY
107706 Swagelok Company, Th OEM*SS-QT8-D-8PFFitting, Quick Disconnect 2 44.00 Hudson, NY
107707 Swagelok Company, Th OEM*SS-QTM2-B-2PFitting, Body Quick Disconnect 1 44.00 F* Hudson, NY
107693 Unknown OEM*414228Insul QD Male 100 Hudson, NY

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Quick-Connect Fittings:
Applied Materials Inc., Parker, Swagelok Company, The, Unknown