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Other Springs

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt DescriptionSpring MaterialODWire SizeLMax Load#PriceNotes Location
»cm  in»mm  in»cm  in»lb  kg$
107196 Applied Materials OEM*0020-03456Spring Finger Gripper 1 45.00 Hudson, NY
107197 Applied Materials OEM*0020-06988Spring Clip Actuator 2 15.00 Hudson, NY
107213 Applied Materials OEM*3780-01049Spring External Passivated 1 3.15 Hudson, NY
99245 Applied Materials OEM*3780-02341SPR Doughnut .096ID x .051 HAT Gold PLT 3 6.38 Hudson, NY
107212 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*34790306Spring Preload Stages 56 6.00 Hudson, NY
107216 MRC OEM*A1700101Spring Compression SST 24 Hudson, NY
107219 MRC OEM*D112426Spring Wafer Holder 70 16.00 F* Hudson, NY
107220 MRC OEM*D115445Spring Compression .24 100 4.75 F* Hudson, NY
107198 Novellus Systems, In OEM*04-731362-01Spring, Canted Radial 2 Hudson, NY
107199 Novellus Systems, In OEM*04-732006-01Spring, Outer,ESC 25 Hudson, NY
107202 Novellus Systems, In OEM*12-903490-00Spring Outer 2 Hudson, NY
107203 Novellus Systems, In OEM*15-00866-00Spring, PED, CER, WCVD 3 Hudson, NY
107204 Novellus Systems, In OEM*19-115683-01Spring Inner Esc 35 Hudson, NY
107207 Silicon Valley Group OEM*211-136Spring SVG WF Grounding 2 2.50 Hudson, NY
107208 Silicon Valley Group OEM*211-141Spring SVG Comp .240 x 1.5L x .02 3 2.50 Hudson, NY
107200 Unknown OEM*08-24741-018SPRING, RETAINING 7 Hudson, NY
107201 Unknown OEM*08-24741-019SPRING, RETAINING 2 Hudson, NY
107205 Unknown OEM*20052-01Spring S/S For Quartz 4 Hudson, NY
107206 Unknown OEM*20064-01Spring Large Door Loader 4 1.50 Hudson, NY
107215 Unknown OEM*641-812905Spring SST Cantilever 10 4 8.00 Hudson, NY
107222 Unknown OEM*MEE-D066817-1SPRING 2 Hudson, NY
107209 Varian OEM*2555162Spring Shorting Bar 9 3.75 Hudson, NY
107221 Varian OEM*H7392001Spring Clamp Ring 6 7.25 Hudson, NY

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Springs:
Applied Materials, Inc., GCA/Precision Scientific, Materials Research Corp, Novellus Systems, Inc., Silicon Valley Group, Unknown, Varian