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 Air/Gas Flow Valves - Other  in Valves  (no items)

 Ball valves  in Valves  (no items)

 Butterfly valves  in Valves  (no items)

 Check Valves  in Valves  (1)

 Float Valves  in Valves  (no items)

 Gate valves  in Valves  (2)

 Globe valves  in Valves  (no items)

 Hydraulic Fluid Valves  in Valves  (no items)

 Liquid Flow Valves - Other  in Valves  (no items)

 Needle valves  in Valves  (1)

 Pneumatic Valves  in Valves  (5)

 Pressure Relief Valves  in Valves  (3)

 Safety Valves  in Valves  (no items)

 Vacuum Angle Valves  in Vacuum Valves  (58)

 Vacuum Butterfly Valves  in Vacuum Valves  (15)

 Vacuum Gate Valves  in Vacuum Valves  (59)

 Vacuum In-Line Valves  in Vacuum Valves  (21)

 Vacuum Rectangular Gate Valves  in Vacuum Valves  (7)

 Vacuum Straight-Through Valves  in Vacuum Valves  (5)

 Vacuum Throttle Valves  in Vacuum Valves  (28)

 Vacuum Valve Accessories  in Vacuum Valves and Accessories  (1)

 Vacuum Valve Controllers  in Vacuum Valves and Accessories  (10)

 Vacuum Valves - Other  in Vacuum Valves  (13)

 Valves - Other  in Valves  (181)

 Wafer Valves  in Valves  (no items)

Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Valves:
A&N Corporation, Advance, AIR-VAC, Alcatel, Alkon Corporation, APP Tech, Applied Materials, Inc., Asahi, ASCO, Asymtek, Balzers, CAJON, CHEM TEC, CKD, Clippard, Co. Palmer Inst., Consolidated Vacuum Corp, DANFOSS, Deltrol, DNS, Dynamco, Edwards, ENTEGRIS, Eslon, Fischer, Fisher Scientific, Fluorocarbon, Fluoroware, Fujikin, Furon, GCA/Precision Scientific, Gem Refrigerator Co, Gemu , Georg Fischer, GNB Corporation, HPS, Humphrey, Huntington, HVA, Imperial Tube & Fittings, Inficon, Key High Vacuum, Kingdom, KIP Inc., Koganei, Kurt Lesker, LAM, Leybold, Mac, MACE, Materials Development Corp, MDC, Mead Fluid Dynamics, Meivac Inc., Millipore, MKS Instruments, Inc., Motoyama, NACOM, Nor-Cal Products, NUMATICS, Nupro, Oerlikon Leybold, Parker, Precision Dynamics I, RED HAT, RK Industries, Silicon Valley Group, SMC, Spears, Surpass, Swagelok, Swagelok Company, The, Teqcom, Texas Instruments, Thermionics Labs, Tokyo Electron Limited, Turck, Tylan General, Unknown, Vacuum General, Vacuum Research, Valcor, Varian, VAT, Veriflo, Wandfluh, Whitey