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Printed Circuit Board

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    Offered (box) or Wanted (coins)Item IDItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNote Location
    Offer15247340066Printed Circuit Board1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer152588522-026Printed Circuit Board1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer152546Able Computer OEM*10340-0I/O Card1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer94751Advanced Motion Cont PC3XD-EQ3AMC PC3XD-EQ3 3 Axis Servo Driver PCB for DMC-8...1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer149032AG Associates OEM*2100-0090PCB - -STD Counter/Timer1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer149056AG Associates OEM*2100-0110PCB1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer149055AG Associates OEM*2100-0120MIO 24 Relay Panel Interface1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer149052AG Associates OEM*7100-5118PCB - Linearizer1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer154451AG Associates OEM*9830-2030PCB - Sensor I/O1 Plano, TX
    Offer149048AG Associates OEM*9830-2040 PCB - RMS Analog for 2101 RTP Annealing System1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer149031AG Associates OEM*9830-2080PCB - Zero Crossing Detector1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer153042Air Products Mfr*809-416913 CRSD1031 Printed Circuit Board2 Plano, TX
    Offer153044Air Products Mfr*809-416913 CRSD1031 Rev BPrinted Circuit Board2Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer153046Air Products Mfr*809-417675 CRSD1032/1234Printed Circuit Board6Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer153040Air Products Mfr*809-420900Printed Circuit Board4Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer153043Air Products Mfr*CRDS1234/CRDS1032Printed Circuit Board1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer153041Air Products Mfr*CRSD 1031 DD1250Printed Circuit Board3Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer60631AMAT Mfr*0100-00171IHC CONTROL BOARD (OEM/NEW)32,300.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer103156Amax OEM*S20 Rev 1.0PCB1 Plano, TX
    Offer149044Analog Devices OEM*RTI-1260 PCB - RTI-1260 Input Card1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer149039Analog Devices OEM*RTI-1262PCB - Analog I/O for AG Associates System1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer58344Applied Materia Mfr*0100-09078ROBOT INTERCONNECT BD.1 Hudson, NY
    Offer87390Applied Materials 0100-09138 rev BRobot Interconnect Board1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer87389Applied Materials 0100-20012Isolation Amplifier Board 0100-2001...2Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer87428Applied Materials 0100-20037Interlock Select Board1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer87425Applied Materials 0100-20038Relay Control Board2Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer87427Applied Materials 0100-20039RF Generator backplane1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer92770Applied Materials 0100-35227E-Chuck Controller Board1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer96058Applied Materials 0100-77036S P1-1367-32 PC Board1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer92771Applied Materials 0190-10183Magnetic Motor1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer58338Applied Materials Mfr*0100-00010PCB ION/GAUGE CONTROL1 Hudson, NY
    Offer58340Applied Materials Mfr*0100-00011-RPCB Chopper Drive2 Hudson, NY
    Offer59451Applied Materials Mfr*0100-00109PC Board ID Interconnect4 Hudson, NY
    Offer58289Applied Materials Mfr*0100-00110PC BOARD FLAT FINDER MONITER D1 Hudson, NY
    Offer57607Applied Materials Mfr*0100-00423GPLIS SERIPLEX I/O DISTRIBUTION ASSY1 Hudson, NY
    Offer58345Applied Materials Mfr*0100-09079ROBOT MOTOR-SENSOR INTERCONNECT BD.1 Hudson, NY
    Offer58288Applied Materials Mfr*0100-09099Chamber Interconnect Board1 Hudson, NY
    Offer58339Applied Materials Mfr*0100-09162PCB ASS'Y MANOMETER SELECT BOARD1 Hudson, NY
    Offer118083Applied Materials Mfr*0100-09196E-Chuck Controller PCB2 Plano, TX
    Offer58287Applied Materials Mfr*0100-09214PCB, CHAMBER INTERFACE2 Hudson, NY
    Offer132474Applied Materials Mfr*0100-35059 Remotes Distribution PCB1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer152414Applied Materials OEM*0090-03467WPCB, SBC Repaired1 Hudson, NY
    Offer101132Applied Materials OEM*0100-00033PWB, MOTOR DRIVE1 Hudson, NY
    Offer101124Applied Materials OEM*0100-00037PWB, INDEXER INTERCONNECT2 Hudson, NY
    Offer101123Applied Materials OEM*0100-00038PWB, INTERCONNECT DOOR4 Hudson, NY
    Offer107708Applied Materials OEM*0100-00053PCB Bright/Contrast1325.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer101130Applied Materials OEM*0100-00060PWB ASSY, CHOPPER DRIVE II1 Hudson, NY
    Offer140066Applied Materials OEM*0100-00171Applied Materials, 0100-00171, IHC ...1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer89310Applied Materials OEM*0100-00171-UIND. HELIUM CONTROL BD. ASSY.171,825.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer155024Applied Materials OEM*0100-00195End Point Interface/Smoother PCB2 Plano, TX
    Offer141374Applied Materials OEM*0100-00655 Applied Materials 0100-00655 Hardou...1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer107709Applied Materials OEM*0100-09029PCB ASSY, TURBO INTERCONNECT1225.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer101188Applied Materials OEM*0100-09048Video Board1 Hudson, NY
    Offer89312Applied Materials OEM*0100-09076-UPCB ASSY, BRAKE INTERCONNECT396.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer89313Applied Materials OEM*0100-09081-UPCB ASSY N2-DRYVAC DIST2275.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer89314Applied Materials OEM*0100-09117ASSY PCB DIO FUSE BD4643.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer89315Applied Materials OEM*0100-09125-UPCB ASSY REMOTE WIRING DIST2315.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer89316Applied Materials OEM*0100-09126-UPCB ASSY,REMOTE WIRING DISTRIBUTION1325.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer89317Applied Materials OEM*0100-09131-UPCB ASSY FLUID OVERFILL BOARD564.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer89318Applied Materials OEM*0100-09134-UPCB ASSY DIDO FUSE7130.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer89319Applied Materials OEM*0100-09137-UASSY ENCODER INTERFACE PCB1307.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer152557Applied Materials OEM*0100-09196 Rev AE Chuck Controller Board1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer103793Applied Materials OEM*0100-09210ASSY. LIQUID INJECTOR INTERFACE PCB11,595.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer89322Applied Materials OEM*0100-09305-UPCB, ASSY, RELAY INTERLOCK BOARD1268.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer101075Applied Materials OEM*0100-20073PCB ASSY, WAFER DETECTOR140.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer101062Applied Materials OEM*0100-20217PCB ASSY DI/O DISTRIBUTION2 Hudson, NY
    Offer89329Applied Materials OEM*0100-40178-UPCB, VACUUM CONTROL FEEDBACK1225.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer89415Applied Materials OEM*0100-90042PWBA I-V CONV PROFILER1757.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer89332Applied Materials OEM*0100-90052PWBA MB MOTOR POT1720.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer89333Applied Materials OEM*0100-90066PWBA I/V CONVERTER PWRSP1653.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer89334Applied Materials OEM*0100-90066-UPWBA I/V CONVERTER PWRSP1452.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer89416Applied Materials OEM*0100-90077PWBA CONTROLLER THERMSTR1443.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer89335Applied Materials OEM*0100-90085-UMOTOR POT3203.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer89336Applied Materials OEM*0100-90093PWBA PWS ION GAUGE1708.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer89337Applied Materials OEM*0100-90227-UPWB ION GAUGE1959.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer89338Applied Materials OEM*0100-94029-UPWBA ARC VOLTS CONTROL1392.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer89324Applied Materials OEM*0190-09466-UPCB,APC CH A13,008.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer101168Applied Materials OEM*0225-34457-UASSY, MOD N2 DRYVAC PCB1 Hudson, NY
    Offer99688Applied Materials OEM*03-78669-00DO Sink Board2 Hudson, NY
    Offer99686Applied Materials OEM*03-81723-00Motor Driver Board1 Hudson, NY
    Offer99690Applied Materials OEM*03-81813-00C&D Board1 Hudson, NY
    Offer99704Applied Materials OEM*03-81830-00Prom Boards 1&2 w 0300-01012 Prom Set2 Hudson, NY
    Offer89400Applied Materials OEM*0660-01102CARD PNEU 8 STN 8 VALVE PCB1264.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer89401Applied Materials OEM*0660-01109-UCARD VME BACKPLANE 21 SLOT WITH JUMPERS1299.00 Hudson, NY
    Offer101173Applied Materials OEM*0660-01122Neslab Control Board1 Hudson, NY
    Offer141369Applied Materials OEM*3870-02365 Pneumatic Module1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer99694Applied Materials OEM*670056Universal Address Board1 Hudson, NY
    Offer99689Applied Materials OEM*672524Serial I/O Board1 Hudson, NY
    Offer99691Applied Materials OEM*672530Alphanumeric Board1 Hudson, NY
    Offer99697Applied Materials OEM*672532CMOS Memory Board1 Hudson, NY
    Offer99685Applied Materials OEM*678634DC Power Supply Board1 Hudson, NY
    Offer99700Applied Materials OEM*678667DI Sink Board3 Hudson, NY
    Offer99687Applied Materials OEM*678669DO Sink Board1 Hudson, NY
    Offer152618Applied Process Tech OEM*01-17005-00 Rev H1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer58352Aseco Mfr*30-0364-00PCB, SOLENOID DRIVER1 Hudson, NY
    Offer58353Aseco Mfr*30-0394-01PCB, STEPPER CONTROL1 Hudson, NY
    Offer133948ATI OEM*109-25500-40Video Card1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer133979ATI OEM*109-28100-00ISA G/ Xpression VGA Card1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer94872Baldor ASR27164EBMulti-Resolver Card1Click for Picture Plano, TX
    Offer118407Bay Area Circuits Mfr*PM122/129RF Gen Board2 Plano, TX
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    Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Printed Circuit Board:
    Advanced Motion Controls, AG Associates, Air Products, Amax, Analog Devices, Applied Materials, Inc., Aseco, ATI, Bay Area Circuits, Branson, Bruce (BTI), BTU Engineering, Canon, Compumetric, Computron, Concurrent Computer Corp, Control Technology, Cybor, Digital Equipment Corporation, Digital Instruments, Drytek, Eaton, ECI Technology, Emulex, Eratron, Eurotherm, Excalibur, Fluid Metering Inc, FSI, Fusion Systems Inc., Galil Motion Control, Gasonics, GCA/Precision Scientific, Humphrey Products Co, Integrated Modular Systems Inc, IOtech Inc., Karl Suss, Keithley, KEL, KLA, KLA Tencor, KLA-Tencor, LAM, LAM Research Corp., Laser Identification, LDI Pneutronics, Ludl Electronic Products, Materials Research Corp, Mattson Technology, Metron, Micro Automation, Microbar Systems, Inc., Mimir, MTI, National Semiconductor, Nikon, Northern Tech, Omron, Opal, Oriental Motor USA C, Pneutronics, Polaris, Prometrix, Prometrix Corporation, Rigaku, Romar Peripherials, Sanyo Denki, SBS Technologies, Schlumberger, Schumacher, Scientific MicroSystems, Inc., SEMA, Semi-Tool, Semitool, Siemens, Silicon Valley Group, Siltec, Simatic, SMC, SMS, SUN, Tegal, TEL Corp., Tencor, Teradyne, Texas Instruments, Therma-Wave, Thermco, Tokyo Electron Limited, Tokyo Electronics Limited, Toshiba, Touchstone Technology Inc, Ultratech Stepper, Unknown, Varian, Versalogic Corporation, View, Wafab, XYCOM, Ziatech