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in Standard Photoresist DevTracks
Deal directly with Owner:  Capovani Brothers Inc. of Scotia, New York
Item ID: 4007

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Temperature Controlled Positive
Developer with Hot Plate Bake

Designed to develop and hard
bake semiconductor wafers.

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Location: Scotia, New York
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Solitec
Model 820-PTDB
Wafer Size Range 
  Minimum 50 mm
  Maximum 150 mm
  Set Size 100 mm
Photoresist Type Positive
Number of Tracks 1
Number of Hot Plates 1
Controller Type Microprocessor Controller Type

Solitec 8600 Calibration Module

Other Information 

System Features and Specifications

  • Load: automatic cassette to cassette
  • Beltless Elevator
  • Cassette: Fluoroware 72 and 82 series
  • Throughput: ~ 80 wafers/hour
  • Completely jacketed process lines, valves, and spray heads
  • Spray or Puddle Develop
  • Microprocessor Controller (10 program capacity)
  • Compact Design (footprint occupies < 6 sq ft
  • Speed Range: 200-8,000 rpm (solid state servo control)
  • Acceleration Range: programmable from 0-40 krpm/s
  • Hot Plate: up to 300ºC vacuum assisted enclosed bake
  • Nitrogen Requirement: 1 connection, 1/4" OD, 60 psi
  • Vacuum Requirement: up to 4 connections, 1/4" OD
Year of Manufacture 1988
Condition Like New
Vacuum Required 25.00  in Hg  (634.99 mm Hg)
Exterior Dimensions 
  Width 59.000  in  (149.9 cm)
  Depth 15.500  in  (39.4 cm)
  Height 37.000  in  (94.0 cm)

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Capovani Brothers Inc.
Scotia , New York
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Our standard procedure is to service the equipment as orders are placed. Lead times can vary depending on the item.
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Deal directly with Owner:  Capovani Brothers Inc. of Scotia, New York