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Other Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionDescription#PriceNotes Location
203808 2 SET FICO AMS-11-MR MOLDING 2 lot 81,809.66 Regensburg, Bavaria
126889 AG Associates 7310-3008-01Quartz Wafer Tray for 6" Wafers, DTC 1 Plano, TX
127892 AG Associates 7400-0063-06Quartz Wafer Tray for 4" Wafers, AG 610 1 Plano, TX
126524 AG Associates 7400-0063-07Quartz Wafer Tray for 5" Wafers 2 Plano, TX
127891 AG Associates 7400-0063-10Quartz Wafer Tray for 4" Wafers, AG 410 1 Plano, TX
152864 AG Associates 7400-0082-01Quartz 6" Wafer Tray 1 Plano, TX
126670 AG Associates 7400-0100-05Quartz Isolation Tube 1 Plano, TX
126888 AG Associates 7400-0100-06Quartz Isolation Tube 1 Plano, TX
126784 AG Associates 7400-0102-01Quartz Inlay, Door, 8" 5 Plano, TX
126526 AG Associates 7400-0106-06Quartz Wafer Tray, Slip Free for 6" Wafers 2 Plano, Texas
126887 AG Associates 7400-0106-06Quartz Wafer Tray, Slip Free, for 6" Wafers 1 Plano, TX
126668 AG Associates 7400-0109-06Quartz WaferTray for 5" Wafers 1 Plano, TX
126933 AG Associates 7400-0111-01Quartz Wafer Tray for 6" Wafers, M-Tray Auto 1 Plano, TX
127578 Applied Materials Cruiser Analog Interface 1 Plano, TX
128812 Applied Materials 0020-24962Shield 4 Plano, TX
128817 Applied Materials 0190-08556WRetaining Ring Composite 8" Titan Head 1 Plano, TX
128754 Applied Materials 0200-03456Quartz Insulator 2 Plano, TX
128819 Applied Materials D124715-150SS Shield, funnel 1 Plano, TX
159485 Asymtek Millenium 620Glue Dispense Tool 1 Plano, TX
207199 ASYS BC0 01Conveyor ASYS BC0 01 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
207198 ASYS TRM02Conveyor ASYS TRM02 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
132038 Automation Direct D4-16TRVAC Output Module 16 Point Relay 1 Plano, TX
128778 Automotion Inc 320045PC Board 1 Plano, TX
126667 Axcelis Technologies 080921 & 080924 5 Plano, TX
149496 Axcelis Technologies 110000800300mm Disk Cart 1 Plano, TX
132578 Bell Jar 704304-0Bell Jar 1 Plano, TX
153001 Chatillon DFGS100Digital Force Gauge 1 Plano, TX
128307 Clippard C09-17-9Cylinder Main Lift Jr/Sr Mass Transfer 1 Plano, TX
128815 CoorsTek 4095082-0001Ceramic Ring 2 Plano, TX
126786 Cybeq Cassette Elevator 1 Plano, TX
204220 Cyberscan CT350T Dual non-contact double-sided optical profilometerpretty new 2 F* Regensburg, Bavaria
131046 DCM TA11S300212V Fan Diameter 92 Plano, TX
153038 Dillon GLDigital Force Gauge 2 Plano, TX
207181 EKRA E4Solder Paste Printer Ekra E4 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
207182 EKRA Solder Paste Printer Ekra X5Solder Paste Printer Ekra X5 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
130051 End Cap, Lower Right 02-2707End Cap, Lower Right 1 Plano, TX
163965 Equipe Technologies ATM2211Robot and Arm 1 Plano, Texas
202692 EVG820 Dry Film Lamination System 1 55,000.00 Regensburg, Bavaria
131091 Exhaust Manifold Exhaust Manifold with 3" Central Pipe and Dual 2" 1 Plano, TX
206584 Fico AMS-11-MR Molding 4 37,776.20 F* Regensburg, Bavaria
212157 Fico Besi AMS-11-MRMold System_Fico AMS-11-MR_AMR004 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
212408 Fico Besi AMS-11-MRMold System_Fico AMS-11-MR_AMR005 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
211897 Fuji Seiki ECB 10016FUJISEIKI Wet Slurry Deflashing System 1 F* Regensburg, Bavaria
128979 Gamma PCMCIAInterface Module 1 Plano, TX
3984 Gasonics MARKIIIWafer Pin Hole Detector 1 650.00 Scotia, NY
133924 GSIL 4210011Lead Screw 1 Plano, TX
133925 GSIL 4210063Connection Rod, Wafer Presenter 1 Plano, TX
208137 Hanmi Semiconductor SPLITTING SYSTEMSplitting System_SPL001 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
128978 Hathaway Corperation HT05002C01HBEMotor Housing with Break 1 Plano, TX
128068 Hedland H205B-010Flow Meter 1 Plano, TX
127750 Hine Design 08061-001PLC Module 3 Plano, TX
127749 Hine Design 08063-001Cassette Platform with Ergonomic Loader 8 Plano, TX
126271 Hitachi H3862Magnetron 1 Plano, TX
208163 Ingenious Equipment NAMotorized Indexer for 100%VI Station after Taping 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
208164 Ingenious Equipment NAMotorized Indexer for 100%VI Station after Taping 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
208165 Ingenious Equipment NAMotorized Indexer for 100%VI Station after Taping 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
207724 Iwashita Instruments IWASHITA MG Inline 3030FILLING_IWASHITA MG Inline 3030_FIL004 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
88375 Legacy Systems LOG-3STOzone Generator 1 Scotia, NY
127986 Leica 567014PL Fluotar 100x Brightfield Objective Lens 1 Plano, TX
204582 Lenz DLG 615- 1+1 AL, High Precision Drilling/Routing MachineHigh Precision Drilling/Routing Machine 1 F* Regensburg, Bavaria
127026 Metron 5007511Quartz Plasma Chamber 1 Plano, TX
126981 Metron 5008723H.T Poly Susceptor Support Shaft 6 Plano, TX
156924 MRC D123464Ring, Spacer, Alum 2 Plano, TX
200892 Multitest MT2168Test Tool 1 98,000.00 Tijuana, Baja California
130354 N724 1077737 Quartz Lifter-SusceptorQuartz Lifter-Susceptor 2 Plano, TX
198620 Nabertherm FurnanceWe have used the furnance for drying parts, 1 Villach, Carinthia
212160 P & P Tech NA100% Vision System 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
204584 PPI Systems Inc. FP-C2 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
204583 Process Photonics LaserDrilling/Cutting Tool 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
126785 Quartz Shielding Plate 844-0409 1 Plano, TX
128816 Retaining Ring Composite 8" Titan Head 0190-08555WRetaining Ring Composite 8" Titan Head 1 Plano, TX
128980 Ring Bot Card Guide- 64 Pin 4616254-0001Ring Bot Card Guide- 64 Pin 16 Plano, TX
121779 Samco UV-300UV & Ozone Cleaning/Stripping 1 Scotia, New York
208138 Sanyo MDF-U5411Sanyo Upright Freezer_MDF-U5411_FRZ006 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
128407 Scientech 23741AThermocouple Transition Connector 2 Plano, TX
203807 SIENMENS Backside Laser Machine 1 5,169.93 Regensburg, Bavaria
133926 Sony XC-77BB CCD Video Camera with accessories 1 Plano, Texas
133923 Star DP8340Dot Matrix Receipt Printer 1 Plano, TX
128408 STI Computer 16834APC Board 2 Plano, TX
153037 Tektronix SD-14Plug In Sampling Head 1 Plano, TX
128747 TEL Corp. E010SACB2-510-1PC Board 1 Plano, TX
128777 TEL Corp. E010SACB2-511-1PC Board 1 Plano, TX
127934 TEL Corp. HTE-IFA-A-11Add on Board for IFB 8 Plano, Texas
128756 TEL Corp. HTE-OVN-A-11Oven I/O Board 1 Plano, TX
163966 Temptronic Corp SA91070Thermo-Chuck Controller 1 Plano, TX
153039 Ultratech, Inc. 602Control Panel/Display Only 1 Plano, Texas
172126 UVOCS T10X10/OESUV Ozone Cleaning System 1 Scotia, NY
207196 VacuMit EST60Vacuum packing machine VecuMit EST60 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
127385 VAR KBWC-26Speed Controller 1 Plano, TX
128981 Varian 0068550800Chain, Drive MTR 1 Plano, TX
127078 VK 6000 Valve KitValve Kit 1 Plano, TX
127266 VLSI C1-9-8-3Glass Clear Tempered 2 Plano, TX
127805 Western Enterprises F-32Valve Adaptor CGA-295 42 Plano, TX
128404 WIP AMP Board RM 920113-01WIP AMP Board 2 Plano, TX
203806 Yamato NDB-4 CO2 Bubbler 1 2,706.17 Regensburg, Bavaria
121493 ZEKS 150NCCA200Air Dryer 1 Plano, TX

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment:
AG Associates, Applied Materials, Inc., Asymtek, ASYS, Automation Direct, Automotion Inc, Axcelis Technologies, Inc., Chatillon, Clippard, CoorsTek, Cybeq, DCM, Dillon, EKRA, Equipe Technologies, Fico Besi, Fuji Seiki, Gamma, Gasonics, GSI Lumonics, Incorporated, Hanmi Semiconductor, Hathaway Corperation, Hedland, Hine Design, Hitachi, Ingenious Equipment , Iwashita Instruments Pte Ltd, Legacy Systems, Leica, Metron, MRC, Multitest , P & P Tech, PPI Systems Inc., Samco, Sanyo, Scientech, Sony, Star, STI Computer Services Inc, Tektronix, TEL Corp., Temptronic Corp, Ultratech, Inc., UVOCS, VacuMit, VAR, Varian, VLSI, Western Enterprises, ZEKS