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Barrel Resist Strippers

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionChamber CnstrcnChamber Size - CylChamber Size#PriceNotes Location
»cm  in»cm  in»cm  in»cm  in»cm  in$
154299 Branson/IPC 3000C 1 Plano, TX
191696 Branson/IPC 4000 SeriesQuartz10.0020.00 1 Scotia, New York
139078 Branson/IPC 4055/2 1 Plano, TX
152146 Branson/IPC 4055/2 1 F* Plano, TX
152147 Branson/IPC 4055/2 1 F* Plano, TX
189210 Branson/IPC 4155/2Aluminum14.7530.0014.75 1 Scotia, New York
223494 Branson/IPC P2100Quartz12.0022.00 1 Scotia, New York
126550 Branson/IPC P3075/2Quartz10.0020.00 1 F* Scotia, New York
81952 Branson/IPC PM-11020Quartz10.0021.00 1 F* Scotia, New York
49911 Branson/IPC S-31001220 1 Plano, TX
1609 Branson/IPC S210011220Quartz12.0022.00 1 Scotia, New York
152145 Branson/IPC Series 400010.00 1 Plano, Texas
51482 March Instruments SUPERPLASMODQuartz5.506.00 2 F* Scotia, New York
59142 Metroline M4LAluminum/box13.0017.009.00 1 F* Scotia, New York
231656 SPI Supplies Plasma Prep IIIPyrex4.006.00 1 6,501.74 Scotia, New York

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Barrel Resist Strippers:
Branson/IPC, March Instruments, Metroline, SPI Supplies