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Other Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionDescription#PriceNotes Location
126889 AG Associates 7310-3008-01Quartz Wafer Tray for 6" Wafers, DTC 1 Plano, TX
127892 AG Associates 7400-0063-06Quartz Wafer Tray for 4" Wafers, AG 610 1 Plano, TX
126524 AG Associates 7400-0063-07Quartz Wafer Tray for 5" Wafers 2 Plano, TX
127891 AG Associates 7400-0063-10Quartz Wafer Tray for 4" Wafers, AG 410 1 Plano, TX
152864 AG Associates 7400-0082-01Quartz 6" Wafer Tray 1 Plano, TX
126670 AG Associates 7400-0100-05Quartz Isolation Tube 1 Plano, TX
126888 AG Associates 7400-0100-06Quartz Isolation Tube 1 Plano, TX
126784 AG Associates 7400-0102-01Quartz Inlay, Door, 8" 5 Plano, TX
126526 AG Associates 7400-0106-06Quartz Wafer Tray, Slip Free for 6" Wafers 2 Plano, Texas
126887 AG Associates 7400-0106-06Quartz Wafer Tray, Slip Free, for 6" Wafers 1 Plano, TX
126668 AG Associates 7400-0109-06Quartz WaferTray for 5" Wafers 1 Plano, TX
126933 AG Associates 7400-0111-01Quartz Wafer Tray for 6" Wafers, M-Tray Auto 1 Plano, TX
127578 Applied Materials Cruiser Analog Interface 1 Plano, TX
128812 Applied Materials 0020-24962Shield 4 Plano, TX
128817 Applied Materials 0190-08556WRetaining Ring Composite 8" Titan Head 1 Plano, TX
128754 Applied Materials 0200-03456Quartz Insulator 2 Plano, TX
128819 Applied Materials D124715-150SS Shield, funnel 1 Plano, TX
159485 Asymtek Millenium 620Glue Dispense Tool 1 Plano, TX
207199 ASYS BC0 01Conveyor ASYS BC0 01 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
207198 ASYS TRM02Conveyor ASYS TRM02 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
132038 Automation Direct D4-16TRVAC Output Module 16 Point Relay 1 Plano, TX
128778 Automotion Inc 320045PC Board 1 Plano, TX
126667 Axcelis Technologies 080921 & 080924 5 Plano, TX
149496 Axcelis Technologies 110000800300mm Disk Cart 1 Plano, TX
132578 Bell Jar 704304-0Bell Jar 1 Plano, TX
153001 Chatillon DFGS100Digital Force Gauge 1 Plano, TX
128307 Clippard C09-17-9Cylinder Main Lift Jr/Sr Mass Transfer 1 Plano, TX
128815 CoorsTek 4095082-0001Ceramic Ring 2 Plano, TX
219075 CORBEST 6P9AS-MC2.5 Tons Trim/Form/System Mechanical Press 1 123,914.42 General Trias, Calabarzon
126786 Cybeq Cassette Elevator 1 Plano, TX
204220 Cyberscan CT350T Dual non-contact double-sided optical profilometerpretty new 2 F* Regensburg, Bavaria
131046 DCM TA11S300212V Fan Diameter 92 Plano, TX
153038 Dillon GLDigital Force Gauge 2 Plano, TX
207181 EKRA E4Solder Paste Printer Ekra E4 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
207182 EKRA Solder Paste Printer Ekra X5Solder Paste Printer Ekra X5 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
130051 End Cap, Lower Right 02-2707End Cap, Lower Right 1 Plano, TX
163965 Equipe Technologies ATM2211Robot and Arm 1 Plano, Texas
202692 EVG820 Dry Film Lamination System 1 55,000.00 Regensburg, Bavaria
131091 Exhaust Manifold Exhaust Manifold with 3" Central Pipe and Dual 2" 1 Plano, TX
211897 Fuji Seiki ECB 10016FUJISEIKI Wet Slurry Deflashing System 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
128979 Gamma PCMCIAInterface Module 1 Plano, TX
3984 Gasonics MARKIIIWafer Pin Hole Detector 1 650.00 Scotia, NY
133924 GSIL 4210011Lead Screw 1 Plano, TX
133925 GSIL 4210063Connection Rod, Wafer Presenter 1 Plano, TX
128978 Hathaway Corperation HT05002C01HBEMotor Housing with Break 1 Plano, TX
128068 Hedland H205B-010Flow Meter 1 Plano, TX
127750 Hine Design 08061-001PLC Module 3 Plano, TX
127749 Hine Design 08063-001Cassette Platform with Ergonomic Loader 8 Plano, TX
126271 Hitachi H3862Magnetron 1 Plano, TX
88375 Legacy Systems LOG-3STOzone Generator 1 Scotia, NY
127986 Leica 567014PL Fluotar 100x Brightfield Objective Lens 1 Plano, TX
204582 Lenz DLG 615- 1+1 AL, High Precision Drilling/Routing MachineHigh Precision Drilling/Routing Machine 1 F* Regensburg, Bavaria
220811 LH800 Wafer Transfer Machine 1 Villach, Carinthia
127026 Metron 5007511Quartz Plasma Chamber 1 Plano, TX
126981 Metron 5008723H.T Poly Susceptor Support Shaft 6 Plano, TX
156924 MRC D123464Ring, Spacer, Alum 2 Plano, TX
200892 Multitest MT2168Test Tool 1 98,000.00 Tijuana, Baja California
130354 N724 1077737 Quartz Lifter-SusceptorQuartz Lifter-Susceptor 2 Plano, TX
212160 P & P Tech NA100% Vision System 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
204584 PPI Systems Inc. FP-C2 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
204583 Process Photonics LaserDrilling/Cutting Tool 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
126785 Quartz Shielding Plate 844-0409 1 Plano, TX
128816 Retaining Ring Composite 8" Titan Head 0190-08555WRetaining Ring Composite 8" Titan Head 1 Plano, TX
128980 Ring Bot Card Guide- 64 Pin 4616254-0001Ring Bot Card Guide- 64 Pin 16 Plano, TX
121779 Samco UV-300UV & Ozone Cleaning/Stripping 1 Scotia, New York
220859 Schiller FoupStocker 1 1 Villach, Carinthia
220858 Schiller FoupStocker 2 1 Villach, Carinthia
128407 Scientech 23741AThermocouple Transition Connector 2 Plano, TX
203807 SIENMENS Backside Laser Machine 1 4,874.99 Regensburg, Bavaria
133926 Sony XC-77BB CCD Video Camera with accessories 1 Plano, Texas
133923 Star DP8340Dot Matrix Receipt Printer 1 Plano, TX
128408 STI Computer 16834APC Board 2 Plano, TX
177582 Sumitomo Heavy Indus SWA-90GDLaser Anneal System 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
153037 Tektronix SD-14Plug In Sampling Head 1 Plano, TX
128747 TEL Corp. E010SACB2-510-1PC Board 1 Plano, TX
128777 TEL Corp. E010SACB2-511-1PC Board 1 Plano, TX
127934 TEL Corp. HTE-IFA-A-11Add on Board for IFB 8 Plano, Texas
128756 TEL Corp. HTE-OVN-A-11Oven I/O Board 1 Plano, TX
163966 Temptronic Corp SA91070Thermo-Chuck Controller 1 Plano, TX
153039 Ultratech, Inc. 602Control Panel/Display Only 1 Plano, Texas
172126 UVOCS T10X10/OESUV Ozone Cleaning System 1 Scotia, NY
207196 VacuMit EST60Vacuum packing machine VecuMit EST60 1 Regensburg, Bavaria
127385 VAR KBWC-26Speed Controller 1 Plano, TX
128981 Varian 0068550800Chain, Drive MTR 1 Plano, TX
127078 VK 6000 Valve KitValve Kit 1 Plano, TX
127266 VLSI C1-9-8-3Glass Clear Tempered 2 Plano, TX
127805 Western Enterprises F-32Valve Adaptor CGA-295 42 Plano, TX
128404 WIP AMP Board RM 920113-01WIP AMP Board 2 Plano, TX
203806 Yamato NDB-4 CO2 Bubbler 1 2,551.78 Regensburg, Bavaria
121493 ZEKS 150NCCA200Air Dryer 1 Plano, TX

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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Other Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment:
AG Associates, Applied Materials, Inc., Asymtek, ASYS, Automation Direct, Automotion Inc, Axcelis Technologies, Inc., Chatillon, Clippard, CoorsTek, CORBEST DEVELOPMENT LTD , Cybeq, DCM, Dillon, EKRA, Equipe Technologies, Fuji Seiki, Gamma, Gasonics, GSI Lumonics, Incorporated, Hathaway Corperation, Hedland, Hine Design, Hitachi, Legacy Systems, Leica, Metron, MRC, Multitest , P & P Tech, PPI Systems Inc., Samco, Scientech, Sony, Star, STI Computer Services Inc, Sumitomo Heavy Industrial, Tektronix, TEL Corp., Temptronic Corp, Ultratech, Inc., UVOCS, VacuMit, VAR, Varian, VLSI, Western Enterprises, ZEKS