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Printed Circuit Board

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes Location
136834 Canon OEM*BG4-6811PCB 1 Plano, TX

CCSI STD20-CXS Network STD Board...

5 Plano, Texas
59201 Compumetric Mfr*260-55000-01PCB STEPPER BOARD 1 Hudson, NY
59200 Compumetric Mfr*260-55010-01PCB PROCESSOR BOARD 1 Hudson, NY
59202 Compumetric Mfr*260-55120-01PCB PROCESSOR BOARD 1 Hudson, NY
59199 Compumetric Mfr*55090PCB MOTHERBOARD 1 Hudson, NY
59446 Computron Mfr*36-220-01PC BOARD, CRT DRIVER 1 Hudson, NY
132420 Concurrent Computer Mfr*25-816R02Power Plane 1 Plano, TX
103257 Control Technology OEM*901B-2555-A16PT Analog Input PCB 1 Plano, TX
95213 Copley Controls Corp 215Servo Amp Control Board 1 Plano, TX
101128 Cybor OEM*35040-02PCB Pump Control 1 Hudson, NY
136381 DEC OEM*50-23543-01 System Board Celebris 1 Plano, TX
59444 DEC Mfr*044704PCB RQDX3 CONTROLLER DRIVE 1 Hudson, NY
152497 Digital Comm OEM*26-97914-601 Rev 2.01Printed Circuit Board 1 Plano, TX
152560 Digital Instruments OEM*250-008-615 Rev BFrame Signal Distribution Board 1 Plano, TX
152474 Digital Instruments OEM*250-008-626Stage Power Board with Head Protection 1 Plano, TX
152550 Drytek OEM*2800296 Rev BStepper Interface Board 1 Plano, TX
152561 Drytek OEM*2800795APulse Controller Interface Board 1 Plano, TX
59441 Eaton Mfr*5990-0150-0001PC BOARD FOCUS AND DEFLECTION 2 Hudson, NY
107712 Eaton OEM*5990-0009-00PCB HVPS TC Interface 1 Hudson, NY
101102 Eaton OEM*5990-0012-0001PCB Ass'y Beam Monitor Scan Clock Card 2 Hudson, NY
101094 Eaton OEM*5990-0020PCB Ass'y AC Line Monitor 1 Hudson, NY
101103 Eaton OEM*5990-0021-0001PCB Ass'y Relay Driver Stat 1 Hudson, NY
101096 Eaton OEM*5990-0025-0001PCB Ass'y Refrigeration Relay 2 Hudson, NY
101100 Eaton OEM*5990-0028-0001PCB Ass'y 3 Cryo Remote 1 Hudson, NY
101101 Eaton OEM*5990-0029-0001PCB Ass'y Serial Interface 1 Hudson, NY
96617 ECI Technology Assy D-H2475001Autoload Interface Assy D-H2475001 1 Plano, TX
152626 Eratron OEM*FPO-231Firing Circuit Board 1 Plano, TX
152494 Force OEM*SYS68K/CPU-30BE/8CPU Card 1 Plano, TX
153180 FSI Mfr*290009-200 Rev CCPU Board

1 Plano, TX
153169 FSI Mfr*290020-200 Rev BPrinted Circuit Board... 1 Plano, TX
153158 FSI Mfr*290022-200 Rev CSaturn Flow Control Board 5 Plano, Texas
153167 FSI Mfr*290024-400 Rev BSaturn Backplane PC Board 1 Plano, TX
153178 FSI Mfr*290051-200 Rev ASaturn memory Board 1 Plano, TX
153179 FSI Mfr*290055-200 Rev CSaturn CPU Board
1 Plano, TX
58349 FSI Mfr*290117-400PCB, RS232 COMMUNICATION 5 Hudson, NY
153742 FSI OEM*Saturn Interface Board 1 Plano, TX
153745 FSI OEM*2001-001Saturn Valve Board 4 Plano, TX
152622 FSI OEM*209104-200Interface Board
2 Plano, TX
153746 FSI OEM*290023-200 Rev ASaturn Numeric Key Pad 6 Plano, TX
153744 FSI OEM*290033-200 Rev BSaturn Canister Interface Board 1 Plano, TX
152558 FSI OEM*290037-200Printed Circuit Board... 1 Plano, TX
153743 FSI OEM*290053-200 Rev ATerminal Board
1 Plano, TX
153748 FSI OEM*290054-200 Rev ASaturn Terminal Board... 1 Plano, TX
94870 Fusion Systems Inc. 249181Dual Cassette Handler PC Board... 1 Plano, TX
118082 Galil Motion Control Mfr*DMC-10303 Axis Motion Control PCB, ISA Bus 1 Plano, TX
140008 Gasonics OEM*90-2588 Dual Setpoint SCR Controller 1 Plano, TX
107776 Gasonics OEM*A90-005-00/APCB Aura CNT W/O Software 1 Hudson, NY
101154 GCA/Precision OEM*005878G1PC Board AU57 Laser Counter 2 Hudson, NY
60628 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*005751G2PCB AU15 SHUTTER DRIVER 1 Hudson, NY
107725 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*005863G1PCB Preamp Fine Servo AU52 2 Hudson, NY
60629 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*005866G1PCB AU53 COURSE SERVO 2 Hudson, NY
101109 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*005869G1-3Amp Servo Output AU54 1 Hudson, NY
101070 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*005897G1Ass'y Aligner Interconnect 2 Hudson, NY
101071 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*005897G1-RAss'y Aligner Interconnect 2 Hudson, NY
107739 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*006551G1Assy Z Axis Sensor 1 Hudson, NY
107769 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*02103816Video Digitizer PC Board DA 1 Hudson, NY
107778 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*02103832PCB Zip Expanded Memory 2 Hudson, NY
107734 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*028564G1PCB RMS Interconnect 1 Hudson, NY
107756 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*028875G2-1PCB Turntable Control 2 Hudson, NY
101309 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*028878G1AZ2 Aligner Control PCB 4 Hudson, NY
101068 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*028881G1Ass'y AZ1 Aligner Drive PC 4 Hudson, NY
60617 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*028884G1PCB AZ6 Fork Control 3 Hudson, NY
101183 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*028887G1PCB Control Blade 4 Hudson, NY
103796 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*028890G1Reader Bar Coder PC Assy A 4 875.00 Hudson, NY
107746 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*028893G1Motor Blade Drive PCB AZ5 3 Hudson, NY
107754 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*028964G2PCB 3 Hudson, NY
107743 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*030755G2PCB Spinner Interconnect 1 Hudson, NY
101111 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*031033G1-3PCB APM Pneumatic 2 Hudson, NY
107744 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*031405G1PC Board Spinner Shuttle Drive 1 Hudson, NY
107720 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*031405G1-UPC Board Spinner Shuttle Drive 2 Hudson, NY
107758 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*031763G1PCB Spin I/O 1 Hudson, NY
107760 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*032091G2PCB UHP I/O 3 Hudson, NY
107759 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*032091G2-UPCB UHP I/O 2 Hudson, NY
107784 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*034332480PCB Data Bus Mother 1 Hudson, NY
107751 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*036183G1PCB Signal Generator 1 Hudson, NY
107767 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*036702G2PCB VT100 Interface AWAD 1 Hudson, NY
107735 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*037186G1PCB AU62 Power Amplifier 1 Hudson, NY
101108 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*037210G3-EAutofocus II AU 64 2 Hudson, NY
101088 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*038145G1PCB POC Board Rev B RSX 4 Hudson, NY
107745 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*038480PCB Video Digital Data Cube 1 Hudson, NY
107710 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*039996PCB Zip Arithmetic Proc 1 Hudson, NY
101090 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*043023G1-4Board 1 Hudson, NY
107741 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*043150G1PCB Theta Sensor Theta 2 2 Hudson, NY
107777 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*044433G2PCB AU73 3 Hudson, NY
107748 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*044436G2PCB AU74 3 Hudson, NY
107753 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*044606G1PCB AU58A Computer I/O AWHI 1 Hudson, NY
107782 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*0446099G1PCB RSX QBUS Interface 3 Hudson, NY
107783 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*0446099G1-UPCB RSX QBUS Interface 1 Hudson, NY
103797 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*045315PCB Laser Drive 2 150.00 Hudson, NY
107727 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*047052G1PCB POC Board Rev B RSX 2 Hudson, NY
107711 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*047440Memory 2 Meg 2 Hudson, NY
107738 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*047791G1Assy AU43 PCB 1 Hudson, NY
107779 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*0513007PCB Display For Maxi 2K PS 1 Hudson, NY
107715 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*056513G1Interlock Pneumatic WPCBLE 1 Hudson, NY
101065 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*056563G1PCB VVP I/O 2 Hudson, NY
60618 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*066801G1PCB PMT Driver 3 Hudson, NY
60627 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*067260G1PCB AU82 AUTOFOCUS UCI AFS 1 Hudson, NY
103798 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*067912G7PCB AU66A AFS100 UCIW&WO/A 1 495.00 Hudson, NY
103799 GCA/Precision Sci OEM*096-01241PCB GCA Pump Control 3 75.00 Hudson, NY
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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Printed Circuit Board:
AG Associates, Amax, Analog Devices, Applied Materials, Inc., Aseco, ATI, Baldor, Bay Area Circuits, Branson, Brooks Automation, Bruce (BTI), BTU Engineering, Canon, CCSI, Compumetric, Computron, Concurrent Computer Corp, Control Technology, Copley Controls Corp., Cybor, DEC , Digital Comm, Digital Equipment Corporation, Digital Instruments, Drytek, Eaton, ECI Technology, Eratron, Force, FSI, Fusion Systems Inc., Galil Motion Control, Gasonics, GCA/Precision Scientific, GD California, Graphic Strategies, Humphrey Products Co, Integrated Modular Systems Inc, Interface, Intersil, IOtech Inc., Keithley, KLA, KLA-Tencor, LAM, LAM Research Corp., Laser Identification, Ludl Electronic Products, M and W Systems, Materials Research Corp, Mattson Technology, Metron, Micro Automation, Microbar Systems, Inc., Mimir, MTI, National Semiconductor, Nikon, Omron, Opal, PRI Brooks, Prometrix, Prometrix Corporation, real time devices, Rigaku, Romar Peripherials, SBC, Schlumberger, Schumacher, Scientific MicroSystems, Inc., SEMA, Semi-Tool, Semiconductor Systems, Semitool, SEMY Engineering, Siemens, Silicon Valley Group, Siltec, Simatic, SMC, SMS, SMS Technologies, SUN, Tencor, Teradyne, Texas Instruments, Thermco, Tokyo Electron Limited, Tokyo Electronics Limited, Toshiba, Touchstone Technology Inc, Ultratech Stepper, Unknown, Varian, Versalogic Corporation, View, Wafab, XYCOM, Zeos, Ziatech