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Printed Circuit Board

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Item IDPhotoItem DescriptionPt Description#PriceNotes Location
101138 Unknown OEM*037339G1AF II & AFS 100 AU 63 1 Hudson, NY
101148 Unknown OEM*038391G2-LPCB Servo AWA/Interface 1 Hudson, NY
101167 Unknown OEM*038391G3PCB Camera / HSDL 2 Hudson, NY
101119 Unknown OEM*0440421PCB AWL Position B 3 Hudson, NY
101161 Unknown OEM*045314PCB Laser Mother 3 Hudson, NY
101165 Unknown OEM*045316PCB Laser Detector 1 Hudson, NY
101085 Unknown OEM*045317PCB Sub CPU AWH2 3 Hudson, NY
101117 Unknown OEM*045318PCB Sub I/O AWH2 2 Hudson, NY
101107 Unknown OEM*046366G10AFS 100 W/ Z Column AU 66 2 Hudson, NY
101106 Unknown OEM*046433G1-BAF II & AFS 100 AU 65 2 Hudson, NY
101120 Unknown OEM*047932G1PCB AU 80 Preamp Laser 2 Hudson, NY
101097 Unknown OEM*056494G1-9PCB Ass'y VVP Control 3 Hudson, NY
101095 Unknown OEM*067912G4PCB AU66 Autofocus Old Col 1 Hudson, NY
101135 Unknown OEM*08290001PCB Filament Preamp Ass'y 1 Hudson, NY
101186 Unknown OEM*085-0047PCB Mother Board GSM 085-00 2 Hudson, NY
103800 Unknown OEM*12008133PCB FILAMENT POWER SUPPLY 1 165.00 Hudson, NY
101176 Unknown OEM*3130241PC Board Alarm Processor 3 Hudson, NY
101158 Unknown OEM*3160072PC Board B Furnace 4 Hudson, NY
107770 Unknown OEM*3160231-UPC Board Overtemp 4 Hudson, NY
107771 Unknown OEM*3160251PC Board Low Amp Frequency 2 Hudson, NY
101157 Unknown OEM*3160321PC Board G Furnace 5 Hudson, NY
101181 Unknown OEM*3161081PC Board Serial I/O 6" DDC 2 Hudson, NY
101182 Unknown OEM*3161352V02PC Board Video 6" DDC 2 Hudson, NY
101178 Unknown OEM*3161771PC Board Boat Loader Extender 6" 1 Hudson, NY
101177 Unknown OEM*3161892PC Board Gas Extender 6" DDC 1 Hudson, NY
107726 Unknown OEM*3161951V02-UPCB Micro Controller 2 6"DD 1 Hudson, NY
101180 Unknown OEM*3162281V02PC Board CIP 6" DDC 3 Hudson, NY
101179 Unknown OEM*4756532PC Board Trigger 6" DDC 4 Hudson, NY
101149 Unknown OEM*55050Shuttle Sensor Board 1 Hudson, NY
101150 Unknown OEM*5990-0005-0001PCB Assy Interconnect F/O Trans 1 Hudson, NY
101133 Unknown OEM*6410929043PCB Boatloader Controller 1 Hudson, NY
107749 Unknown OEM*73000600PCB DA 10 I-308 1 Hudson, NY
101166 Unknown OEM*79922400Ass'y Float Valve FTC 1 Hudson, NY
107785 Unknown OEM*810-17003-1PCB DMP & PH! 1 Hudson, NY
107786 Unknown OEM*810-17018-2PCB Gap Motor Control 1 Hudson, NY
101146 Unknown OEM*926224G1PCB AU6 Shutter Oscillator 3 Hudson, NY
101121 Unknown OEM*S-0005-A-SPMPC Driver Board SPV 1 Hudson, NY
60625 Varian Mfr*HO117001PCB I/O, AD INTFC 350 Parall 1 Hudson, NY
103795 Varian OEM*01-671879-01PCB RELAY DRIVER 2.5 GPM 1 195.00 Hudson, NY
101137 Varian OEM*04761001PCB Scan Drive Amp 12 Pin 9 Hudson, NY
107755 Varian OEM*08285001PCB Arc Preamp 1 Hudson, NY
107775 Varian OEM*08285001-UPCB Arc Preamp 1 Hudson, NY
101084 Varian OEM*4145001PCB Precision Deadband Amp 2 Hudson, NY
101091 Varian OEM*D666494-EPCB Bias Supply 1 Hudson, NY
101122 Varian OEM*F5428001PCB Digital Main Controller 1 Hudson, NY
101127 Varian OEM*H1314001PCB Ass'y Interface 2 Hudson, NY
101136 Varian OEM*H1777001PCB Scanner Preamp 1 Hudson, NY
107728 Varian OEM*H1787001Sensor PC Board Amp Ass'y 1 Hudson, NY
101174 Varian OEM*H1801001PCB Driver Amp 8 pin 1 Hudson, NY
101077 Versalogic Corporati OEM*VL-7806c / 53-0011PCB CPU For FT-500 1 Hudson, NY
101076 Versalogic Corporati OEM*VL-7806d / 53-0010PCB CPU C2C 1 Hudson, NY
152481 View OEM*132200 Rev ESystem Timing PC Board 1 Plano, TX
93458 Wafab PCB2 Rev BRelay PCB 5 Plano, TX
137797 XYCOM OEM*97727APCB Controller 2 Plano, TX
137031 Zeos OEM*010-0043-04PC Board 1 Plano, TX
149054 Ziatech OEM*ZT8820Bus Card Memory Board 1 Plano, TX
152628 Ziatech OEM*ZT8820B Rev E.2Memory Board 1 Plano, TX
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Items from the following manufacturers are offered under Printed Circuit Board:
AG Associates, Amax, Analog Devices, Applied Materials, Inc., Aseco, ATI, Baldor, Bay Area Circuits, Branson, Brooks Automation, Bruce (BTI), BTU Engineering, Canon, CCSI, Compumetric, Computron, Concurrent Computer Corp, Control Technology, Copley Controls Corp., Cybor, DEC , Digital Comm, Digital Equipment Corporation, Digital Instruments, Drytek, Eaton, ECI Technology, Eratron, Force, FSI, Fusion Systems Inc., Galil Motion Control, Gasonics, GCA/Precision Scientific, GD California, Graphic Strategies, Humphrey Products Co, Integrated Modular Systems Inc, Interface, Intersil, IOtech Inc., Keithley, KLA, KLA-Tencor, LAM, LAM Research Corp., Laser Identification, Ludl Electronic Products, M and W Systems, Materials Research Corp, Mattson Technology, Metron, Micro Automation, Microbar Systems, Inc., Mimir, MTI, National Semiconductor, Nikon, Omron, Opal, PRI Brooks, Prometrix, Prometrix Corporation, real time devices, Rigaku, Romar Peripherials, SBC, Schlumberger, Schumacher, Scientific MicroSystems, Inc., SEMA, Semi-Tool, Semiconductor Systems, Semitool, SEMY Engineering, Siemens, Silicon Valley Group, Siltec, Simatic, SMC, SMS, SMS Technologies, SUN, Tencor, Teradyne, Texas Instruments, Thermco, Tokyo Electron Limited, Tokyo Electronics Limited, Toshiba, Touchstone Technology Inc, Ultratech Stepper, Unknown, Varian, Versalogic Corporation, View, Wafab, XYCOM, Zeos, Ziatech