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in Deep UV Wafer Stepper
Deal directly with Owner:  GLOBALFOUNDRIES USED EQUIPMENT of Santa Clara, California
Item ID: 209641

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ASML AT :1100B, 300mm, 193nm, Scanner

ASML AT :1100B, 300mm, 193nm, Scanner

Installed. Shutdown with Lens Gas flowing:

Known Failed Part - Needs Replacing 
new HIB SERV.472.12941 Bid SN 110515408 4022.472.12941
SERV.502.33532 UPGR TO MCCB2 P3M74 MK2.1 ASSY for LECR 
amp from WSM LSPR slot 17 on ga04 to gb04 slot 13 - bad part in ga04 
RSY-LSPR SERV.502.16496
Ordered Power supply, no 24VDC
SUN computer (swapped hard drives)
Swap rail
WH CH Latch Closed VSO(SERV.470.01341)
24/375 WS Power supply
Inner TSU vacuum card
REMA+upgrade kit
Y2 expose LS motor(GC05's defected motor was installed into GA04, Managment wanted to save the expense for next year
Chuck ID sensor
Chuck ID sensor
cfc card 4022.480.62681
Balance mass motor(SERV.502.28834)
Balance mass motor(SERV.502.28834)
TSU Inner Vacuum Card
TSU Outer Vacuum Card
RS chuck(SERV.502.33198)

Tool ID: GA04

Location: East Fishkill, New York
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer ASML
Model AT : 1100B

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Santa Clara , California
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Deal directly with Owner:  GLOBALFOUNDRIES USED EQUIPMENT of Santa Clara, California