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Deal directly with Owner:  GLOBALFOUNDRIES USED EQUIPMENT of Santa Clara, California
Item ID: 182331

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Mattson, Steag, TiW Wet Etch Tool, 300mm,

TiW Wet Etch Tool, Steag, Mattson, 300mm

This tool had two heated TiW Etch tanks, with a quick dump rinse and hot run rinse per tank. It also has two nitrogen dryers. It chemically etched wafers with an active peroxide solution and used a impedance measurement across the wafer to verify etch end­point was reached. The tool was automated to take wafers out of FOUPs and load them into etch racks which were then each moved through a series of tanks. Data collection and SECS GEM is available. *Tool configuration/specification details. (Potential sources are original quotes, configuration

Tool ID: TiW01

Mattson, Steag, TiW Wet Etch Tool, 300mm,
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Location: Fishkill, NY
Unit Price Unstated
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Steag-Mattson
Model TiW Etch Tool
Description Wet Etch tool
Year of Manufacture 2002
Condition Fair

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Santa Clara , California
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Deal directly with Owner:  GLOBALFOUNDRIES USED EQUIPMENT of Santa Clara, California