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in Electron Beam Evaporators
Deal directly with owner:  Dynaprice Markets (Richard Garber) of Vernon, Connecticut
Item ID: 201174

Offered 1 Offered at $ 75,000.00

Temescal VES 2550 w/Ion assist (IBAD)

6 pocket hearth, single gun.  Has 2 gun power supply.  24" chamber.  1.1x^7 in 24 hours.  CTI 10" cry-o pump and compressor.  Many upgrades.  Comes with new in box  Arcless Telemark gun/hearth.  Used to evaporate SiO2 and TiO2.  Kaufman ion gun.  Newer Sycon controller and Beam sweep controller. 
Temescal VES 2550 w/Ion assist (IBAD)

Location: Bedford, New Hampshire
Unit Price $ 75,000.00
Number of Units 1
Manufacturer Airco Temescal
Model VES 2550
Description EGUN Evaporator
Vacuum System Cryo Pumped
Load Lock Included No
E Beam Power Supply 
  Power Supply Type Solid State
  Number of Guns Controlled 2
  Electron Source Type Six Pocket
  Crucible Size 7.00  cc  (0.43 cu in)
Vacuum System CTI-10
Gas Inputs Two
Gas Input Control Mass Flow Controllers
Substrate Heaters Yes
Film Thickness Monitor Yes
Accessories Two head Xtal rate monitor
Power Requirements 208 V     70.0 A     60 Hz     3 Phase
Condition Very Good
Shipping  Limitation  Customer Pickup Only

Offered by:

Dynaprice Markets (Richard Garber) of Vernon , Connecticut
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Deal directly with owner:  Dynaprice Markets (Richard Garber) of Vernon, Connecticut